Wood Flooring Trends For Every Area

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Wood flooring has become a sought after and flexible option for all styles plus ages of homes. With a large range of designs and colour options available, wooden floors are both a classy and practical solution for just about any room. Whatever your budget, there exists a vast choice of wood floors available, whether it’s designed, solid or laminate. After you have considered the use of the room as well as the most suitable material for it, you’ re just left along with choosing the look. That’s when the designing fun starts.

Types Of Wood Floors

Wooden flooring comes in a variety of different forms varying in budget and styles. We have summarised the main choices below:

1) Engineered Wood

Engineered wooden floors are created by bonding together a lot of layers of ply, completed off with a solid wood lamella. This highly durable product is manufactured in dozens of sizes, colours and styles. It is suitable for the majority of rooms and will withstand high traffic. Engineered wood flooring lasts for years if correctly looked after and the top coating can be sanded and re-finished to refresh or replace the look. Planks are larger than solid wood, meaning less important joints. They can be screwed, nailed or laid as a ‘floating’ flooring on an underlay.

Wooden floor with a feature wall and plant

2) Solid Wood

Wood flooring is a beautiful, natural product and is something numerous aspire to. However , being an organic product, it is more prone to changes in temperature plus moisture in a room. It will expand and contract with the conditions and this means it is an unwise choice for any kitchen or bathroom and is not suitable for underfloor heating. That said, if your budget will stretch and you feel your own room conditions are stable enough, solid wood for a family room can be a stylish and appealing feature. You are likely to need an experienced fitter to lay a solid wood floor, so take this cost into account as well.

3) Laminate

This is the budget option and it is available in all sorts of designs. It really is essentially a base of bonded wood by-products with an picture affixed to the top coating. This is quick to lay and good for a swift room update but does not have longevity. Laminate floor can be laid basically. However , it also needs an underlay plus a movement gap around the perimeter of the room.

Bedroom – Restful & Cosy

Whatever your décor, you will want the bedroom to be new, calm and inviting. Based on its shape, how you put the floor can alter perceptions. Opting for a chevron or herringbone design can create a cosy sensation, or a long straight plank will elongate and/or broaden a room, depending on which direction you lay them.

Bedroom with wooden floor and large window

Living Room – Practical & Stylish

The particular living room is your statement area, and you may want to be bold along with décor and have a fairly neutral wood floor, or vice-versa. For example , a dark, rustic oak can work with simple and light furnishings, as well as a lighter, pared back ground, like a soft pine or white-washed style, will fit busier and more striking components. Grey is on-trend plus a good base for many looks so if you like to revamp occasionally, it could be a sensible option.

Kitchen – Durable & Welcoming

The kitchen is where we spend a great deal of time and often exactly where family and friends congregate. A high visitors area, the flooring you choose needs to be able to withstand everything thrown at it. Whether that’s muddy boots, hectic paws, chair movements or even vigorous mopping. You can possibly continue through the flooring from your living space for a cohesive appear or define areas and provide yourself more scope for different schemes. Again, the same principles will apply in that the particular direction and style of planks you lay can alter the particular perception of the room. Wood is unlikely to be a practical choice for the kitchen plus laminate prefers not to obtain too wet, so a good engineered plank is probably the best choice.

Large kitchen with island and wooden floor

Final Thoughts

Whatever style you choose, your own flooring is the base of the room and can alter the interior look and feel instantly. With so many options available it can be hard to pick but start by establishing the type of wood flooring that is suitable for the area. Then, decide what you want to attain with the look.

Do you want to make the room really feel cosy or more spacious? Do you want to disguise or enhance an attribute? Or perhaps you are seeking a particular style? Once you have answered these questions, you will have narrowed throughout the choices. You will be drawn to some thing, and as they say, you’ll are aware of it when you see it.

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