Whenever Everyone’s Responsible, No One’s Responsible

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If a person cried to help, would you assist them or simply watch from the sidelines? That is not a trick question. The fact is, most people won’t respond to a cry for help, if others are present , since they’ll expect somebody else to act. The point getting that when everyone’s accountable, no one’s accountable.

That will reminds me of the “Responsibility Poem” by American journalist Charles Osgood. His composition illustrates this point really clearly. I’ve supplied the condensed version below. *

“There has been an important job to be done and Everyone was sure that Somebody would do it. Anyone could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got furious about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody can do it, but No one realized that Everybody couldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody might have. ”

Everybody’s responsibility quickly becomes nobody’s responsibility.

Do You Take the Lead?

This sensation is supported by empirical research. The particular bystander effect states that the more individuals that are on hand during an emergency, the less likely it is that any one person will help somebody in distress.

There are 2 factors that be the cause of this. First, every time a group of people are asked to accomplish something, it creates the diffusion of obligation. In other words, no one feels pressured — much less personally responsible — to act. Everyone presumes that others is going to take the initiative. Second, when others neglect to act, people carry it as a signal that will action isn’t required. Thus, it reaffirms their own decision not to act.

Ask yourself, do you make the effort or wait for others to act? Do you:

Show courage? Run toward a problem instead of away from it.

Seek the truth? Much more many believers does not determine the truth or untruth.

Serve as the particular voice of reason? Be open-minded , be objective, and be accurate.

Stand up for what’s right? State the difference between right and wrong , even when it’s unpopular.

Hold people accountable for their actions? If you don’t deal with poor behavior , you’re encouraging this through inaction.

Speak your mind — even when it’s undesirable? Opinions held in secret never really make a difference.

Follow the notice as well as the spirt of the law? Don’t do something because you’re afraid of getting caught. Do what’s right due to the fact it’s the right action to take.

Set the bar high? Hold everyone — including yourself — to a high standard. This doesn’t cost more in order to strive for excellence, in case you settle for mediocrity , it’ll cost you very much.

Pull excess fat? Be a team participant rather than expecting other people to shoulder the duty.

Accept obligation for your behavior? Options are easy. The hard part is living with them.

Provide more than you take? Be the first to provide as opposed to the first to take .

Bring out the best in others? Create people feel special. Treat them with amazing advantages and respect.

Think “we” instead of “me”? Build bridges rather than barriers.

Do right simply by people? Take the shoe-on-the-other-foot test. Ask yourself, how would you really feel if the situation has been reversed?

Help people less fortunate than yourself? As you climb the ladder of success, reach down and pull others together with you.

Volunteer without having to be asked? Raise your own hand rather than volunteering others.

Perform what’s right rather than what’s easy? Select the right path (even though it’s difficult) as opposed to the easy route.

Teach your kids from wrong? If you don’t pass your own values on to your kids, somebody else will.

Take action neighborly? Befriend plus support your neighbors and become an active associate within your community.

Make a meaningful contribution? Make a difference in others’ lives rather than enriching your own.

It All Comes Down to You

What would happen if everyone expected others to make the first move? Bullies would be emboldened, the needy would be overlooked, and there wouldn’t be any consequences for poor habits. While you might not notice the day-to-day impact, the particular long-term consequences will be devastating.

It’s not always easy to speak up, perform what’s right, or even swim against the tide, but someone’s got to do it. And it may as well be you. This applies to your life in your own home, at work, or in the world around you. Virtue isn’t demanding more of other people; it’s expecting associated with yourself. Get in the game rather than watching in the sidelines. Our long term is dependent on our kids. And the future of the children is dependent on you. When everyone’s accountable, no one’s responsible — so do what is right.

* https://www.organizationbuilders.com/blogoudoudoud/2017/6/26/the-responsibility-poem

How Accountable Are You?

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