What Is Intuition And Ways to Tap Into It

by Agné

Have you ever had a feeling that something is off with a person, place or situation? Maybe you have had an inexplainable but convincing feeling that you should act within a certain way? Have you ever had a dream that showed a person an answer to a problem, that will warned you about some thing or offered a beautiful plus creative idea that you were searching for? That was your intuition speaking with you.

Intuition is an incredible resource plus gift that we all have got and that has been given to all of us so that we can live to our highest potential. So that any kind of time moment we can be truly aligned with who we are, avoid danger, pay attention to particular things and make the best choices.

The term ‘intuition’ comes from the Latina word ‘ intueri ’ which is usually translated as ‘to look inside’ ‘to consider’. Once you listen to your intuition plus follow it, you are listening to that part of you that is timeless, to the part that the ancients used to call your higher self, your holy protector angel, to your divinity. (Divinity is inside of us but also outside of us. )

Your inner voice is unique to you because it is tinctured by your soul, it is tinctured by your mission and by your own deepest desires. It talks to you in words, in imagery, dreams or in deep inner knowingness. It can be very subtle inkling or passing feeling, quiet believed or hunch, strong gut feeling, intuitive message, it might happen that you will hear an actual message or it will can be found in a form of a brilliant dream that you cannot forget. Become familiar with how your inner self communicates with you.

So how do we all tap into our intuition?

Find time to be silent and still daily . The outer entire world is all about noise; pair that will with mental clutter as well as your inner chatter and you are certain to cloud your inner voice. If you want to hear, you need to pay attention, but often we are as well busy to notice the alerts or encouragements that our increased self is sending all of us the time.

Calm your mind with meditation what ever of its forms you might choose. Release your obsession to consider, analyze and know almost everything. Let your mind wander and become open to what comes to you – feelings, thoughts or words and phrases. You can also use mindfulness and become fully submerged in experiences of the present moment.

Be open . Open to the gift associated with intuition and accept what has to tell you. It will not often seem logic, reasonable or perhaps explainable. In fact , oftentimes it will eventually seem counterintuitive. That is due to the fact our ego thinks it has it “all figured out” or because the message that you will be receiving will go against all the logic. And yet so many people ended up saving their lives because they have listened to their hunches, a lot of people were able to take life changing choices, win lotteries, close amazing deals and etc. just because these people listened to their intuition. So can you!

Cultivate your creativity . Creativity can enhance your life in so many ways. Opening up into it and making time for it is really a game changer. There are countless ways to be creative whether it be painting, writing, dancing, creating an object, cooking, knitting etc . When you create, you are completely present in activity that you appreciate, and that activity helps to enable you to get into the “flow” where time seems to fly and your function, your inspiration is leading you. When allow that “something greater than us” lead us, that is how we practice fine-tuning in to our intuition. And like with everything else – the greater you practice, the better you obtain at it.

Allow yourself to feel what your own intuition is telling you . Your mind can be intelligent, but so is your body. If you combine the two, it is possible to unlock the magic of your intuition. In a situation where you seem to be stuck explore 2-3 different choices or solutions and focus on how each of them makes you feel : does your heart start racing or skips a beat? Do you start breathing more quickly or possibly you even hold your own breath for a second? Would you close your eyes (often indicates fear, trying to secure yourself from this scenario unfolding in your life) or maybe you start smiling? Maybe you feel goose bumps under your skin? Can there be a shiver going down your own spine? When it comes to your mind body fear, or do you feel love? Do you feel expanded or restricted by a certain decision? Can it feel light or will it feel heavy on your cardiovascular? Your feelings about a certain scenario will tell you everything you need to know.

Journal regularly . When you write, you tap into thoughts, feelings and ideas that you are not consciously aware of. So write even though first you might feel that you have very little to say. Take action anyway because it helps to start your nonconscious mind. When you have practiced enough, you will be able to ask yourself questions. And listen to what your intuition must tell you. There might be words and phrases that don’t make sense first, nonetheless it might lead to something more coherent and astonishingly true in the end.

When you compose do turn your inner critic off. No judgement is allowed. This way it is possible to tune into your instinct and allow the inner truth to come forth.

Use your dream time to tap into your intuition. When you sleep your analytical and your conscious minds are off. That is when the particular gate to your subconscious mind and your intuition is wide open. Dreams can provide you with information that we may not have access to when we are usually awake. They can be used as being a tool to download details from your higher self, your own divine part, from the Galaxy. So before you fall asleep, concentrate on any unresolved issue or problem that you have and ask your own higher self to give the best answer for you. Close your eyes and fall asleep with a profound belief that the answer continues to be given to you and it will be.

Your instinct whatever form it takes, continually comes from a higher intelligence. It may never be forced, it can only be allowed and invited. And when you do invite this, be mindful and present and listen to it. And I can promise you one thing – when you decide to turn down the clamor of the world, advices from your family, friends and not therefore friends and you decide to peaceful your inner spirit and listen to your inner voice and live your life using your intuition, then you will discover and express a truly blissful and abundant life.






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