What Do a Wedding and a Funeral service Have in Common?

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Exactly what could be more distinct from a wedding and a funeral? A wedding celebrates an exciting beginning while a funeral marks a conclusive end. A wedding gazes into a couple’s future while a funeral sums up a person’s previous. A wedding brims along with tears of happiness while a funeral is filled with tears of sadness. Yet, even though they’re various on the surface, they each underscore the significance associated with dedication — a wedding reveals promises produced while a funeral recounts promises kept .

Greatness is not determined by the number of claims that you make, but by the ones that you keep.

A wedding is more than a party. It’s an opportunity to make a solemn promise; a pledge in order to abide by for the rest of your life. While marriage promises express all the right sentiments, some participants view their promises as loving words and phrases rather than sacred promises . In fact , more time is often spent planning a wedding ceremony than contemplating the commitment of marriage — and how a couple will re-channel their thinking from “me” and “mine” in order to “we” and “ours. ”

When you compose your own vows, do you search the Internet for smart things to say or do you thoughtfully think about your commitment — and pledge in order to abide by those words and phrases for the rest of your life?

When you recite “…for better, just for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until dying us do part, ” do you appreciate the gravity of that commitment? Or are you simply reciting words due to the fact that’s what people do?

Because of this, how usually do you make guarantees, knowing full nicely that it’s lip company ? How usually do you make a promise to yourself, simply to abandon it the following day? (Think New Year’s resolution. )

Promises aren’t throwaway lines. When it’s important enough to make a promise, it should be important enough to keep it. A promise should be as binding like a contract. Get married to that idea.

What Makes a Life Worth Living?

A funeral is a solemn occasion. Some people view the services as a time to mourn someone’s life while others celebrate a lifestyle well lived.

How do you want to be remembered?

When all has been said and done, your daily life will be measured by promises that you made — and whether you followed via on your commitments. Choose knowledgeably. Act boldly. And forge ahead using a can-do spirit. Listed here are 10 guidelines to think about:

  • Get in the game rather than watching from the sidelines.
  • Make believe in plus respect rather than challenging it.
  • Lead simply by example rather than just talking a good game.
  • Be the initial to give rather than the first to take.
  • Do your best rather than carrying out just enough to get simply by.
  • Much better yourself rather than wanting to change others.
  • Think “we” rather than “me. ”
  • Place more value on relationships than upon things.
  • View success as a journey rather than a location.
  • Make a difference in others’ lifestyles rather than enriching your personal.

One of the things that we don’t like to discuss is that we’re all growing older. In fact , many of us believe that if we ignore this reality, it might go away. Your life will be scored not really by the promises that you made, but by the guarantees that you kept. What are you doing today to make good on your promises? A lot more like playing musical chairs — you’ve got a know when the songs will stop. So live every day as your last. One day it will be. As Pablo Picasso stated, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. ” Would you promise the world or do you make great on your promises?

Do You Create Good On Your Guarantees?

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