Weekly Round-Up #272: Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine

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Welcome to this week’ s round up, I hope you’ ve had a fun and productive 7 days.

This week’ s round-up takes on a festive feel as we’ ve put together a list of all of the Christmas-related articles here on FlippingHeck. com. So regardless of whether you’ re looking for a last second gift, some quick and easy vacation recipes or how to avoid quarrels with relatives, we’ ve got you covered.

Best Tips On Being Creative Plus Productive During Winter – Bannersnack

The winter season brings social jetlag, says chronobiologist Till Roenneberg. This means our internal clock is not really in sync with the 9-5 working schedule. An ideal situation would be to start your daily work schedule later and go to sleep earlier. But with so much stuff happening in the workplace to get everything completed before Christmas, this may not be an answer for everyone. So what can you perform to keep up with the winter blues? BannerSnack brings together 11 specialists to give you some great advice on how you can be productive over the darkish winter months.

21+ Jolly Christmas Spending Statistics – Balancing Everything

About 90% associated with Americans celebrate Christmas each year. Marking the date, nevertheless , goes beyond coming with each other and enjoying the company of your friends and family. In fact , the latest Christmas spending statistics show that Americans and Christians globally spend billions on gifts, decorations, and food. Each year, millions of real Christmas trees and over a billion cards are bought for the holiday. Christmas is impressive in many ways, shopping included, and Stability Everything have all the stats to prove it. Read on and see for yourself.

Tips To Sleep Well This particular Festive Season – People Who Sleep UK

Are you starting to feel the festive season frazzle? What can be a time of celebration, happiness and gratitude, in 2020, Xmas is feeling a little more demanding than usual. This increased stress you’re feeling is probably intertwined with anxiety plus less-than-healthy coping mechanisms that will, you guessed, are taking the toll on your sleep.

Prioritising rest during this period is vital in seeing within the new (and improved, fingers crossed) year feeling revitalized. This article takes a look at ways you can incorporate sleep into your festive season survival kit to be able to through to the other side with a refreshing face.

Every week Round-Up #271: Christmas Gifts Intended for Productivity Lovers – Flicking Heck!

In this article we’ ll cover from coffee to showers in a variety of price points therefore you’ re bound to look for a suitable gift for even the most difficult person to buy intended for!

7 Stress Relief Christmas Gifts For Overworked Individuals – Flipping Heck!

If you are not one, you definitely know some overworked individuals looking forward to the holidays. It is not easy within today’ s competitive employment market to stay on top, and tension just keeps piling up. Finding the right stress relief method is key pertaining to survival and preservation of mental sanity.

How To Plan Your Finances With regard to Christmas – Flipping Bejesus!

Christmas 2020 is set to be a very strange a single. It’ s still ambiguous just what we’ ll be allowed to do. Recent comments from your government’ s medical advisor on COVID suggest that we’ ll be able to mix for a couple days over the festive period – which might effectively mean that Christmas is on since normal.

But if you’ re been in dreadful financial straits through 2020, then the prospect of investing big on the season may not be an especially tantalising one. Every year, millions of Brits spend more than they can really afford, and end up paying for it with thrift in January and February. Many people consider payday loan lenders to help spread the obligations out over a number of weeks rather than one upfront significant payment!

In case you’ d like to get through Christmas this year without racking up a sizeable debt, after that you’ ll want to follow a few of the following money-saving tips.

This article will assist you in finding that perfect Christmas gift for the friends or even yourself that will assist the stress go away even to get a little bit.

Five Tips To Be More Present This particular Christmas – Flipping Bejesus!

The problem is that we’ re seemingly therefore tied to our phones that sometimes we don’ t really pay attention to what is going on about us – and that’ s not a good thing at the moment of the year. Never fright though! I have a solution for you personally that will let you keep your mobile phone on you, stop you stressing that you’ re likely to miss an important call and (more importantly) let you keep the focus on friends, family and family members this festive period.

In this article we give you 5 methods to help you handle your phone this Christmas and focus more on your loved ones.

How To Stay Productive During The Christmas Time of year – Flipping Heck!

‘ Tis the season… to be Productive?

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’ s furthermore one during which it becomes more and more difficult to remain on-task.

This is for a number of factors, but principally because approaching festive celebrations are generally far more exciting than work along with an entire year’ s really worth of hard graft at the rear of you, fatigue quickly starts to set in.

Plan Your Christmas With These Excellent Tools – Flipping Bejesus!

December is almost upon us so it’ s time to start thinking about getting organised. There a presents to buy, decorations to haul down from the attic and the all important Christmas Dessert to bake – with everything we need to get done it could seem a little overwhelming sometimes. ”

10 Quick And Simple Christmas Recipes – Flicking Heck!

The particular party season is lastly upon us!

Whilst not technically about productivity or motivation, it’ s i9000 quite easy to get overwhelmed simply by all the recipes and information out there so I’ ve picked a few simple tips to bring festive cheer for your table.

Here are some quick party foods that won’ t take a large amount of time or a great deal of ability to make. ” =

It’ s Time To Get Organised For Xmas – Flipping Heck!

So , the festive season is finally on us – well, it must be as I’ ve noticed the Coca Cola advertisement on TV!

Xmas can be a daunting time for a variety of reasons but seeking to stay on top of everything Xmas related (present buying, deliver cards, food shopping) as well as our everyday tasks can get a bit much. ” =

How Can College students Earn Extra Money In The Brand new Year? – Flipping Heck!

Most people lengthy to know ways to make extra cash to add to their income. Individuals associate holidays with celebration but did you know it could offer you an income generating opportunity to gain some extra cash? All you need would be to sacrifice what could be your own free time and end up earning an extra coin instead of investing. Students have a good opportunity at this earning since they possess time and warm blood to do so. There are a variety of things to do to make extra money for students to do over the holidays and into the New Year.

How To Use The Winter Months To Boost Your Productivity – Flipping Heck!

The super-hot summer we’ ve enjoyed this year in the UK is already becoming nothing more than a memory, and as the nights get longer and the mercury begins to fall, thoughts use winter productivity.

Cosy Up This Wintertime – Flipping Heck!

The wintery several weeks are here and with them, the need to keep warm and become cosy. If your living room is usually anything like the above, then you will not need to do much into it for this to be a comfortable area where you can read, watch tv and have guests over not having cold hands or feet. If it isn’ t, then it’ s time to start thinking of ways to make this essential living space more habitable during the chilly months.

Five Key Tips For Maintaining Seasonal Office Productivity – Flipping Heck!

Christmas is a mixed true blessing for businesses. On the one hand, there’ s food, festivity, family, and the chance to finish up work with the year. On the other hand, many employees mentally finish up long before they’ ve left for the vacations.

Yes, out of all excitement for the annual ritual of eating roast turkey, drinking a little too much alcoholic beverages, and revisiting decades of family resentments that should simply by all rights be long-buried, it’ s easy for productivity to suffer. If this happens within your workplace, you’ re certainly not alone.

Yet there are things you can do to stave off the seasonal slump, and they also don’ t involve cancelling Christmas. Here’ s how you can drive productivity and get greater results from your team.

7 Tips For Coping With Vacation Arguments – Flipping Heck!

It’ t Christmas: a time for friends, family, too much food, booze and arguments.

Unfortunately it’ s k?rester for the course that old arguments will resurface, a person sit in someone’ t favourite chair, eaten all of the purple Quality Street or that drunken comment regarding Aunt Christie’ s gown from 1998 will come as well as haunt you.

Here are a few tips to (hopefully) help you get through the holiday period and minimise arguments.

Five Tips To Switch Off On the Christmas Holidays – Flipping Heck!

You might only have a couple of days off, or you may be lucky and have a couple of weeks off over the festive time period – however long you have it’ s important to take full advantage of the time you have, try to switch off from work and enjoy some much needed family time,

In this article, there are 5 simple tips to help you make the most of your holidays.

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