Weekly Round-Up #271: Christmas Gift ideas For Productivity Lovers

Christmas presents on a blue background

This week’ s Weekly Round-Up is a little different as we’ re getting into the festive spirit.

With 10 shopping days left until Christmas, you’ ve maybe not left it too late if you’ re struggling to find that perfect gift for the productivity fanatic in your lifetime.

In the list below we’ ll cover everything from coffee to showers at a variety of price points so you’ re bound to find a suitable gift for even the most difficult person to buy for!

We’ ve selected the items below from Amazon for two reasons. Firstly, they’ re all available to buy through Amazon Prime (or were at the time of listing) so that you will be guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Secondly, the links below are affiliate links. You won’ t be charged any extra for purchasing items through these links but we will make a small commission any pick up you do make – , the burkha tool we use we can route you through to the The amazon associate program store in your own country during added convenience.

So , let’ s relate to the gift guide. Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas!

Hub bub Cancelling Headphones

If you’ re working from your home with a room mate or your spouse then there’ on hour going to be a lot of background brake noise. In order to listen to your Spotify playlist or Zoom get in touch with peace noise cancelling earbuds are a real help.

Budget Option : VANKYO C751

VANKYO C751 Headphones

If you’ re on a tight budget then them VANKYO C751 noise rescheduling headphones have some great appraises and they’ re in the £50!

They’ re Bluetooth so you don’ t have to remember to disconnect and mute your computer if you’re step away from it and they have a fantastic 30 hours associated with play time, come with a microphone and has now fast USB-C Charging.

Buy now for Amazon

Posh Option – Sony WH-1000XM3 Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones

However, if you’ re looking for a certain method with a bit more power and the Sony WH-1000XM3 is just the cost. It has the sample half an hour play time as the VANKYO though it can operate in hard-wired or wireless modes. Into wired mode – though supplied high res maroma – will allow you to pump up typically the bass. While these cost a lot more than the VANKYO, you get an entire for your (approx. ) £220 including being able to run this particular headphones for 5 a long time after a 10 minute premium, gesture control and Alexa integration.

Receive now on Amazon


Magnetic Whiteboard

Working from home world of retail we don’ t obtain luxury of whiteboards while conducting out offices and while you might not think you need one, they’ sovrano actually very handy to help keep an eye on the progress inside your tasks (see our guideline on Kanban for Yield here), jotting down motivational important phrases, use it as a vision panel, mind map – the options are almost endless! And it’ s under £25!

Buy now at Amazon

If or when you’ re looking for nearly anything a little more flexible, White Enter Sheet can stick to several surface like a wall, door or door – this means you will be bent around the corners.

Buy White board sheeting on Amazon recently.

Wooden levitating plant pot Floating Plant Pot

We’ ve covered the importance of plants in our homes/offices past to. And I don’ t understand about you but my few plant family has woman massively since March 2020 (I wonder why). What superior way to showcase your greatest plant baby (yes, Understand. We shouldn’ t develop favourites but you do, think about it, admit it) than in a meaningful magically levitating plant cooker full.

Ceramic levitating plant pot

Okay, it’ s should not magical, they run off in magnets but they look super-cool and would be a great conjunction with any home office desk.

There are a few different styles made available but the two that was standing out for me were each of these reasonably priced at under £60 and would suit every single modern and traditional (read: cottage-core) style offices.

Buy the wooden floating plant pot on Scold now.

Opt for the white ceramic levitating vegetable pot on Amazon currently.

All day water bottle

All the time Water Bottle

It’ s easy to miss to drink when we’ sovrano sat at our receptionist desk at home – there are not an co-workers to bring us a cup of tea, we don’ t experience a water cooler so we require a reminder to drink that H20.

An all time water bottle is a great for you to keep track of your water intake (and we know that it’ s super-important to drink enough water) and allows motivational quotes on it actually keep you going throughout the day.

Buy an All Visit Water Bottle on Will probably be now.

Standing desk convertor

Standing Patio furniture Convertor

It’ s important to make sure that you’ re comfortable at your craps table, and a lot of us might not have the room available to set up a designated craps table. If you have a work surface maybe a small unergonomic desk, home or worktop you can easily make it to a standing counter with an adaptor. Make sure you have a look at size – you’ ll need a wider one if you desire a laptop and keep an eye on it, and make sure that it sets to a height that works inside your case.

Buy a Name Desk Convertor on Virago now.

Brainy Mug Warmer Smart mug warmer

If you like your uncovered to stay warm white things sits on your desk and you simply also forget about it for ages simply you’ ll want a flavored coffee warmer.

These kind of plug into an USB outlet on your computer or plug conventional and heat up the bottom of your respective mug, keeping your cup of joe, tea or hot chocolate toasty and warm. The person we’ ve linked to as follows is a “ smart” coffe beans warmer which detects when place a mug on it and only starts heating when it to be able to – this is a great drive saver and also stops practically accidental burns from saving your hand on an always in the.

Buy a Clever Mug Warmer from The marketplace of amazon now.

Smart notebook Smart Notebook

Smart Notebooks enable you to note your notes, ideas, journal entries, song ideas even more. You then scan the different pages into an app categorical to the notebook you’ comienza chosen, organise the scanned notes.

Number of a smart notebook is that you in spite of everything get the tactile feel attached to writing while having the advantage of your ultimate notes being digitally saved so that you search and save them. You can also erase one particular notebook pages which decreases paper – and the establishing!

Buy a Sophisticated Notebook from Amazon actually.

Grind and brew coffee machine

Grind & Ales Coffee Machine With Timer

If you’ re missing your freshly brewed coffee on the way to work then simply just why not make your own which might be available when you first wake up?

A grind as well as the brew coffee machine gives you pretty cool fresh coffee that can be set to brew at any hour due to the nifty timer so you can awake to the smell of the level of caffeine in the morning. They also keep your coffee bean warm for between 30 and 50 minutes really it’ s great if you ever jump in the shower just before your second (or third) bra cup.

Buy a Smash & Brew Coffee Machine along with Amazon now.


Pilot Frixion BL-FR7 pens Erasable Rollerball Pen Tv – Pilot Frixion BL-FR7

If you are sort people who still like to compose note or diary items you’ ll know how hard it is to make a mistake and have on hunt out your correction causing or have a horrible crossing on your page. Fear not life style as you can now rub your own mistake with an erasable rollerball pen set.

While there are many erasable writing instruments available, the Pilot Frixion is one of the best known and most efficiency brands, and with the BL-FR7 fit you have all the colours you’ ll need to mark up ones to-do lists and even cruise directors.

Buy Pilot Frixion BL-FR7 on Fishwife now.


A4 Week to view diary 2021

A4 Week to see 2021 Diary

I’ ve decided I’ m changing up the alternative I organise my chores this year (I’ ll constitute writing more about that soon) and one thing I’ fat dissoluble like to do is incorporate a fechar into my scheduling coming from all tasks. I could use Gmail Calendar but I prefer a product that is a bit more tactile and will mosr definately allow me to see how often Concerning put off a task. I did wonderful research and opted for each A4 (around legal size) planner which has a week to view and an overview page from the outset of each month. And as an extra, if you’ re to acquire it as a gift it comes with a production box

Purchase the A4 2021 Diary when Amazon now.


15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management 15 Secrets Successful We Know About Time Management: Unquestionably the Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 45 Straight-A Students, and 239 Entrepreneurs

Is normally, so the title might be a bit of a mouthful but if the person you’ re buying for is always complaining about not having enough time to build things done, never provide work on time and have a billion dollars emails in their inbox then that is the gift for them. By just a few small tweaks they’ ll be able to be more organized and they’ ll i want to thank it!

Discover the 15 Secrets Of Reliable People on Amazon at the present.

Round magnetic timer

Permanent magnetic LED Timer

If your recipient is a giant fan of the pomodoro key then this stylish timer certainly is the gift for them.

This timer has an attractive design that will allow them to preset the timer for any pomodoro period they want and comes with a super-loud alarm option and in addition they won’ t forget to are amiss.

Buy the OVEKI LED Countdown timer entirely on Amazon now.



Anti-theft laptop backpack Antitheft Laptop Backpack With ATTAINABLE Charging Port

If the recipient travels a large number – maybe they have to drive to work on public transfer or like walking to the actual coffee shop to work then this bag is a great choice.

It possesses a great USB charging port allowing them to connect a power bank (ofcourse not included) to the backpack in order to plug in their phone and it in addition has a handy headphone plug-in so that you can keep your phone for the water resistant bag and still notice your music.

An anti-theft lock combined with anti-theft back pocket render extra peace of mind when venturing.

Buy the Anti theft Laptop on Amazon finally.

Waterproof Notepad

Do these cards always have great ideas from a shower but forget the company’s genius idea by the time and they get downstair?

This waterproof notepad will permit them to jot down their all-important ideas before they cannot remember them.

Determine the Waterproof Notepad on Vixen now.

Onto You

Do you got any suggestions for last minute Gift that productivity lovers will definitely adore? Let us know in the comment forms below.

Featured Image: Christmas gifts by BiZkettE1 in relation to Freepik. com

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