We now have Never Been Told The facts Until Now

We’ve never been told the truth and this is exactly what they don’t want us to find out. This is what they have intentionally withheld from us. This was kept secret, but the reality is the facts will set you free. And this is the most magnificent factor you could ever learn.

What do you think models us back so much in every area of your life at the core? I believe it’s an attachment to our physical body and believing that we are usually physical beings in a bodily universe. The Newtonian type of physics, where we lived in this physical mechanical entire world has been proven wrong. Albert Einstein taught us that will energy and matter are one in the same.

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We now know from the research we’ve required for quantum physics and subatomic particles, that an atom will be 99% empty space. What exactly is it then? How could anything that looks physical and seems physical, be 99% vacant space? Because it’s simply a mass of energy moving in a very high speed of vibration. So what is this telling us? It’s telling us that we are not any of our restrictions because our limitations are usually illusions. We’re afraid of passing away. We’re afraid of doing excessive. We’re afraid everything.

We’re scared of this idea that who you are is certainly greater than anything you could possibly conceive of. And we over attach to all these limitations and that’s exactly how we’re controlled in our world. If you think about it, what halts people from making money? “I don’t know how, it’s too much, but you don’t understand I’m as well old and I’m too young and I don’t have the correct education and look at my banking account. It’s easy for you to state. ” blah

never been told the truth

Is actually all based off of reasons from the outside world. But the outdoors world is just a bunch of impression. The outside world told the truth in a way that allows us to wake up. We do the same with love. “Yeah, but you don’t understand. I went on like 40 dates and not one of them worked and there’s no great women left. All the ladies just want money. Plus there’s no right guys. inch blah And use the physical world, the field of reality to define our own illusions and ceilings in our life. It’s like investing your whole life thinking that the top was the sky, not realizing the sky opens up right into outter space millions of miles above.

Imagine if you could finally remember the reality? You’re a spiritual in the physical body. About to catch a physical body. You’re a spiritual being. Every thing is spirit, spirit is justa round the corner direction from the soul so you as soul are an infinite, eternal, endless being. Passing away is just a change of a point of awareness. There’s no such thing to fear because wish the imagination of ourself as bill Hicks might say, and we can free ourselves from everything.

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And when I realize that, then wish not bound to being trapped in all of our old emotions and all of our anger and fear and depression. None of it. You’re a spiritual being in a physical entire body. And you’re one using the universal energy. And if occur to be one with the universal power, then it must be conspiring on your behalf to help improve, transform, plus advance every aspect of your life since you are spirit.

Your spiritual DNA is perfect. Spirit is for constant growth. Think about it. The universe is always expanding. It is always never not really expanding. It’s always expanding and it’s really totally infinite in nature. There’s only one originating chemical here. There’s only one general force here. Just a couple of different frequencies or manifestations of it. That’s all wish seeing here. Keep growing the horizons of what you’re capable of. Your internet worth increases every year.

never been told the truth

Your relationships deepen every year. Your romance deepens every year. Your confidence, your joy, your spirituality, your happiness, it’s expanding because your spiritual DNA is perfect. And you’re one with spirit and spirits pertaining to constant expansion. Therefore your bank account, your love life, your health, your happiness, your achievement should follow.

In essence that’s what “to glorify God” means. Once you align yourself with the powerful force of the universe, you happen to be glorifying God. Alan Watts says, you can’t get moist by the word water. Call it up God, Spirit, Universe… whichever. His spiritual DNA is ideal constant expansion. When you are within harmony with this universal movement, you become a magnet in order to great things. Everything appears to go your way. Then that may be how the awakening process of humanity continues to expand. It’s whenever we allow our true character to finally shine and finally show itself.

There is just a few things to remember. Number 1 is you’re a spiritual being in a physical body. The second part of that is that the spiritual DNA is perfect. As well as the third part of that is spirit is always for constant development and it always manifests by itself perfectly. Isn’t that awesome to know? Isn’t that exciting to know?

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You have no need to doubt yourself. The outside world may have never informed the truth. But you have every thing it takes within you to make the dream life you would like no matter how far off it may seem.


Miracles are normal.


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