Varieties of Fire Extinguishers

Different fire extinguisher types

You will find 5 major sorts of fire extinguishers you may use, depending on the type of fire you’re trying to consist of.

1 . Water Or A Mist Of Water

In these forms of extinguishers, water is used to douse the particular fire and great burning objects; intended for water-mist extinguishers, ultra-fine moisture creates a drape of water that suffocates the fire by cutting away from oxygen.

Water extinguishers are great for use on wood, paper, and materials but are not effective upon flammable liquids and gases, cooking natural oils, and electrical components.

second . Foam Fire Extinguisher

With this type, the polyurethane foam smothers and reduces the fire’ t oxygen supply; after the fire is create, there is remaining residue to deal with.

Foam extinguishers function greatly with wood, paper, textiles, and flammable liquids; nevertheless , they’re ineffective for flammable gas, cooking oils, and electrical materials.

3. Dry/ABC Powder

The dry natural powder forms a crust to stifle the fire and stop it from spreading; however , the powder does not have a cooling impact, resulting in a repeated fireplace.

They’re most effective on wooden, paper, textiles, flammable liquids, flammable gases, and electrical components. They cannot be used for fires ignited from food preparation oils and fats.

four. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Utilizes carbon dioxide and should be used cautiously in small places as it might suffocate those in the room).

These are effective on flammable liquids, electrical contact. Ineffective on wood, paper, textiles, flammable gases, plus cooking oils/fats.

5. Moist Chemical Fire Extinguisher

A fine mist created by the pressurized solution associated with alkali salts in water suffocates the particular flames.

It can be used on wood, paper, textiles, and cooking oils/fats. These types of extinguishers are not efficient on flammable liquids plus gases or electrical contact.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn how to use your fire extinguisher.

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