twelve Zodiac Signs: Decoding Their Meanings & Characteristics

Most people know that there are 12 indications of the zodiac but know very little about zodiac sign meanings.

For example , you may know your own zodiac sign, but perhaps you can’t say for sure what this means about your personality, your strengths, and your weaknesses. As it turns out, star signals can help you understand your self much more deeply.

This guide to zodiac sign meanings will teach you the basics about zodiac characteristics. We’ll begin by looking at what zodiac signs actually are, through exploring the zodiac calendar of which these are apart.

Then, you’ll be in the great position for more information about each of the twelve zodiac signs. The first stage of studying more will involve thinking about the different zodiac sign elements connected to every sign – water, world, fire, and surroundings.

From there, we’ll move on in order to each sign, by having an emphasis on the character attributes and personal challenges associated with each.

What Is A Zodiac Sign?

What Is A Zodiac Sign? Just before we look at questions like “ What is my sign? ”, and “ Exactly what does my star sign say about me? ”, let’s begin with the most basic topic of most: what is a zodiac sign, precisely?

Simply speaking, the zodiac is definitely an ancient, symbolic vocabulary, the first use of which can be traced back to earlier Greek civilizations.

It breaks down into two Ancient greek words – Zôè (which means “ life” ) plus diazos (which indicates “ the wheel” ).

The zodiac, then, is the wheel of life.

Accurate horoscopes tend not to simply use the authentic 28 sectors of the moon from the first zodiac, but rather attract meaning from the 12 sectors of the sun.

All these repents a step of the Sun’s orbit throughout the planet Earth.

The Zodiac Work schedule

The Zodiac Calendar The zodiac sign work schedule (or astrology calendar) was initially used to determine time. Specifically, the particular Greeks used divisions of the zodiac work schedule to measure once the planet cycled throughout the sun.

This marked 12 months, while the months had been associated with the 12 distinct sections of the zodiac. Meanwhile, days were derived from divisions of each of the 12 sections into thirty degrees (to reflect the very fact the Sun moves a qualification per day).

However , Historic Greeks strongly considered that all elements of the universe are intertwined, and so also believed that the movements from the planets and the sunlight directly influence human lives.

Increasingly, then, astrology signs and zodiac charts used not simply when discussing period, but in trying to anticipate the future.

In time, common characteristics of those born in association with particular signs surfaced. This research is still applied today, every time you ask for the zodiac reading or even read a zodiac chart.

12 Zodiac Sign Times

12 Zodiac Sign Dates These are 12 zodiac signs, and all zodiac signs are associated with a specific range of times.

So as of date, the 12 zodiac signs are as follows:

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Aries: Mar 21 – April 19

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

Cancer: 06 21 – July 22

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Libra: Sept 23 – Oct 22

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Sagittarius: November 22 – December twenty one

Nevertheless , your zodiac sign schedules are also connected to specific houses and components.

So , in order to get the most from astrology, you should appear beyond zodiac definitions and explore the important points of horoscope dates.

Zodiac’s Ruling Planet plus House

Zodiac’s Ruling Planet and House When the majority of us think about zodiac exoplanets and zodiac sign times, we probably imagine of our key sign – for example , libra or Virgo. However , the idea of houses can also be central to astrology.

Every house is linked to a particular planet, although each planet is definitely linked to more than one house. There are 12 houses in total, with the numbering working its method counter-clockwise from the 1st house.

This house purchase diverges from the list of chronological dates in the section above, and it is as follows:

Aries: First Home (Mars)

Taurus: Second House (Venus)

Gemini: 3rd House (Mercury)

Cancer: Fourth House (Moon)

Leo: Fifth House (Sun)

Virgo: 6th House (Mercury)

Libra: Seventh House (Venus)

Scorpio: Eighth House (Pluto)

Sagittarius: 9th House (Jupiter)

Capricorn: Tenth Home (Saturn)

Aquarius: Eleventh House (Uranus)

Pisces: Twelfth House (Neptune).

Zodiac Signs Elements

Zodiac qualities are usually specific to indication, but signs are also connected to particular elements that have their own characteristics.

This means that groups of signs reveal some overlapping characteristics. The four possible astrology elements within the astrology wheel are water, fire, world, and air.

Each of these components brings both talents and challenges.

Let’s look at a summary of some of the most important ways in which an element influences your sign.

Water Element Signs

Water Element Signs The three drinking water element signs are Cancer, Scorpio, plus Pisces.

Water element astrology tells us that people delivered under these signs are especially adaptable to alter.

Therefore , if your element is definitely water, you’re possibly willing to step out of your comfort zone and accept the growth that comes with it.

In addition , water signals have a talent intended for generating effective solutions to difficult problems, just like water can generally flow through the tiniest crack in a walls or find the fastest and effective method through a bumpy street.

On the other hand, the water signs are among the hardest for individuals to get to know – at least at first.

If your component is water, you may be seen as mysterious and unreachable, and people might be intimidated by a person.

However , once they get to know a person, they will be inspired by your adaptability and quick-thinking mind.

Earth Element Signs

Earth Element Signs The signs of the zodiac connected to the element of World are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Experts in the world element astrology tell us that just as countless living organisms flows from the world, all those born underneath the earth sign are nurturing and growth-promoting.

Therefore , if your birth sign is one of these three signs, you’re likely to bring in many close friends who seem to depend on you, all whom view a person as being very arranged and stable.

Historically, the earth is also connected to manifesting desires, and this means that people born linked to the Earth element are usually among the most capable of obtaining what they want.

Fire Element Symptoms

Fire Element Signs Fire Element Astrology signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. As you might expect, since fire offers enormous energy, these born under Fire signs tend to be powered and determined.

So , in case you are one of these signs to the astrology calendar, it might be likely that you don’t stop a task until you’ve finished, and that you take commitment quite seriously.

The trickier aspect of being born within Fire sign is it isn’t always easy for you to know if a project or a partnership has served its purpose.

In other words, you may hang onto things for longer compared to you need or benefit from them.

Air Element Indications

Air Element Signs The three signs linked to the element of Air are usually Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

In Air Element Astrology, the prominent trait is independence.

Therefore , if you’re born under an Air sign, you are likely to feel assured to go your own way – no matter what others say.

You are also prone to benefit from an open-minded, even-handed approach which allows you to gather all of relevant information before making a decision.

Others may prejudge you as trusting or as overly flexible, but your diplomacy lends itself to productive discussions and to deep friendships in life.

Finally, people with Air flow signs are also drawn to deeper meaning in life more broadly, and also to looking below the surface to understand their true purpose.

What Are The 12 Zodiac Signs And Their particular Meanings?

Now that we’ve viewed the dates, homes, and elements related to each zodiac sign horoscope, let’s pay closer attention to each of the person 12 signs.

We’ll work our way via all of the zodiac signs meanings in turn, thinking about the dominant traits of individuals born under these signs. In particular, we’re going focus on the talents and skills that will assist each sign succeed in life, along with the most typical roadblocks they face.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to better understand yourself or someone you love, this extensive guide should help you get a handle on what drives a person of each sign.



One of the most easily identifiable zodiac symbols, Aries is represented by a ram’s head.

You were created under the Aries Zodiac sign if your date of birth is among March 21st and April 19th.

Your strengths include being highly rational, which means you call at your situation clearly and make balanced choices informed by the proof.

Aries people are also very dynamic, highly energized, plus good at starting latest projects. You’re not very likely to let your dreams stay abstract for long, even if going after your goals demands taking some computed risks.

One of your main problems lies in keeping your temper in check. Sometimes, when things shouldn’t go your way, you might be tempted to in-take at those who are accountable.

Nevertheless , this fiery personality trait is also helpful when you’re fighting genuine injustice – regardless of whether this is in a personal relationship, or on the societal level.


Taurus The particular Taurus zodiac sign dates are April 20th to May twentieth, and if you were given birth to in this date period then you likely have a strong urge to be settled.

This just means that you want a comfortable home, a well balanced set of relationships, and not too much change around a person.

You might be good at following routines, and you’ll seldom make mistakes if you’re given obvious instructions to follow. In addition , you have a direct conversation style that produces the capacity for honest, real friendships and partnerships.

On the other hand, that same clarity of speech can get you directly into trouble when you’re too direct – you might accidentally hurt emotions if you’re not careful to be tactful. It is also possible for you to create snap judgments in hot weather of the moment.

However , this is a tendency that you can moderate with effort, and it also stops you from dithering in the face of a decision.



In case you were born between May 21st and June 20th, you fall under the Gemini Zodiac sign.

Some of your many prominent zodiac attributes include being able to interact with just about anyone.

No matter who a person talk to or how different they are, occur to be good at charming the other person and getting them to call at your side of things.

This trait serves you well within your relationships, and when coping with someone who is standing in your way.

You’re also an excellent lover of freedom and are likely in no way happier than when you are traveling to new locations. This does mean you can start to feel tired and restless if you’re kept in the same place for too much time.

Nevertheless , your general love associated with novelty also means most likely good at finding new ways to entertain your self. It’s likely which you have many, varied hobbies to occupy your time.


Cancer If you were delivered under the Cancer sign, your birthday is usually between June twenty-first and July 22nd. Current astrology experts often talk about how significant the element of water is to these whose sign can be Cancer.

In particular, you modify and bend to suit your circumstances. This means if you’re as at home within comfortable clothes when you are in business attire, so you switch your setting of presentation with ease.

One particular potential downside of this particular character trait is it can be hard for others to get to know you – they may only see one aspect of you, and think that they understand you when the truth is there is much more to find out.

Even so, your adaptability indicates you’ll always make the best of your lot in life, even when times are usually hard. You tend to be optimistic, seeing the great in what’s around you.


Leo Another sign associated with fire, the Leo zodiac sign applies to all those born between July 23rd and August 22nd. If you’re the Leo, one of your greatest qualities is that you usually do what you say. Whether you’re given a tight deadline or asked to keep the secret, you create promises and responsibilities very seriously.

This means you might be a trusted friend, the loyal partner, plus someone who will exceed in a career that needs focus and discretion.

The particular zodiac constellations connected with your birth also imbue you with great energy. You might sometimes struggle to sleep and relax, and various other signs of the zodiac that are linked to open fire.

A person always feel will be certainly something useful you could be carrying out, and this means you may run the risk of burning up yourself out. To keep your sharp brain intact, you’ll likely have to work on creating a planned ritual for self-care.


Virgo A zodiac sign coupled to the element of earth, Virgo’s time begins for the 23rd of Aug and ends around the 22nd of September.

Any kind of birthday horoscope to get Virgos is likely to make several mention of a search pertaining to meaning. Often , those born under Virgo start to think about mortality and about life’s objective at a very young age, conscious that it’s vital that you leave a legacy.

There are undeniable good edges to this – for example , you’re likely to propel yourself toward great accomplishments and work to make deep, lasting bonds with others.

That said, you may even feel anxious at times if you’re struggling to find purpose or if you have a dream that is derailed. One of the key challenges for a Virgo would be to begin to find which means in life’s daily beauties, not only within bigger achievements plus signs of success.


Libra The particular Libra zodiac sign starts on September 23rd and ends upon October 22nd.

Famously displayed on astrology charts by a set of balancing scales, Libra people have a natural inclination towards fairness and stability.

This implies you may often play the role of peacemaker, whether at the office or at home, and promoting the values of peace of mind.

You also have a present for translating the words of people in conflict, helping two people find typical ground in a difference.

At the same time, in leadership tasks, you will make fair decisions that aim to serve all celebrations. However , your balance can be mistakenly read since coldness, and you can end up being accused of deficient principles.

To counteract this particular, Libras can be more transparent about their own feelings, and the process by which they reach their opinions. Eventually, most people will view you favorably, as Libras are known for their appeal, manners, and social grace.


Scorpio In contrast to the previous Zodiac Sign, Scorpio is definitely typecast as incredibly passionate. Applicable to the people born between the 23rd of October as well as the 21st of November, Scorpio is one of the astrological signs that are most closely connected with devotion.

Once you bond with someone, it’s not easy for you to leave that relationship behind. This means likely to stick by family members even when there are arguments, and you tend to provide genuine forgiveness rather than holding grudges.

However , zodiac descriptions also usually make mention of Scorpio’s jealousy. This is especially salient in passionate relationships, where you might struggle to believe that your spouse has moved on from their past lovers, or may worry about them meeting someone new.

Time and patience can help you move past jealousy, and Scorpios with good self-pride tend to grow straight into being much less possessive.


Sagittarius The Sagittarius Sign begins on November 22nd and endures until December twenty-first.

This is one of the most creative zodiac signs, meaning that you are likely attracted to the arts – whether or not as a hobby or even a profession.

You probably find at least one form of art arrives very naturally to you, without much need for formal instruction.

Your creativity will discover itself in all facets of your life, from the method you dress to how you tackle function assignments.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius can also be known for bringing energy and strength. About to catch shy to speak out when you understand what you want or everything you deserve, and others respect the force of your words and your convictions.

The combination of power and creativity puts Sagittarians in a strong placement to become famous or to occupy leadership opportunities.


Capricorn If you’re born beneath the Capricorn Zodiac sign, your own birthday is among December 22nd plus January 19th.

Of all horoscope signs, this is probably the one most highly connected to the ruling component of earth. You most likely care a lot about permanence and protection – feeling safe is more important to a person than having a wide selection of experiences.

Often , you will prioritize family overwork or even other pursuits, and you will be known for contributing a lot to your family. Despite these strong psychological bonds, Capricorn furthermore imbues people with a strong sense of rationality.

Basically, when you have a decision or even judgment to make, certainly go towards logic and analysis more than intuition every time. It is a reliable way of living, yet you’ll also grow a lot more as a person in case you learn to feel and rely on your gut instinct.


Aquarius Aquarius Zodiac sign birthdays fall between January 20th and Feb 18th.

If you were delivered in this aspect of the zodiac, personality attributes you might have to include technical skills as well as a sense of being proficient at everything.

There’s very little weight loss understand, learn, or even do if you attempt, and this means you can successfully pursue just about any dream you might have.

Others will look to you to teach them and help all of them find solutions, that you enjoy providing.

However , that you simply also strongly drawn toward traveling plus new adventures, and you could struggle with low mood if you don’t experience sufficient novelty.

The trick for an Aquarius lies in finding a range of pursuits both slim enough to ensure expertise is attained and wide enough to prevent boredom.



Our final Sign, Pisces, covers 1st birthdays between February nineteenth and March 20th. This is another drinking water sign, meaning that you have some tendency toward flexibility and adaptability.

You cope well along with change, and you stay calm throughout. Certainly, you’re likely termed as a relaxed person a lot more generally. You acknowledge that you cannot control much of life, and simply relax to enjoy the trip.

In addition , Pisces is a tolerant and non-judgemental sign, meaning that others often trust you using their secrets and worries. If you struggle with something in life, it is likely to be related to criticism.

You find it hard to accept what sounds like negative judgment, whether or not it comes from other people or yourself. This implies it can be hard so that you can learn helpful classes, as you’re focused on struggling with negative feelings. In time, you can go to see mistakes because opportunities for development.

So how exactly does Astrology Work With The Law Of Attraction?

How Does Astrology Work With The Law Of Attraction? Now that you know more about your astrological sign, it’s the perfect time to think about how the Law of Attraction intersects along with your horoscope. Most obviously, seeing the talents and challenges linked to your sign can help you see where you need to work on raising your vibration.

Each sign includes a set of difficulties that may lower your vibration, and knowing your indication inside out means knowing where you need to concentrate your work and positivity.

For example , if you’re a Virgo, you’ll know you’re likely to worry about a lack of objective, and may then style affirmations that help you feel purposeful.

However , this really is just a taste of how you can make use of your understanding of horoscopes. Using a mix of online astrology and Law of Attraction techniques may supercharge your outward exhibition skills, getting you what you want at an also faster pace.

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