Tips on how to Connect with the Galaxy

In this week’s Dear Gabby video I share a profound conversation I needed with my friend plus spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra.

We all sat down to get tea and I shared about all the spiritual quests I’d been on, all the paths I had chosen and everything that I believed to be genuine. I said, “Is it okay that will I’ve followed many different spiritual thought systems? Is it okay that I haven’t committed to a single specific path? ”

Here’s what Deepak said …

The conversation with Deepak inspired this week’s topic.

Within the video I cover:

  • Ways to become one with all the Universe.
  • Exactly what we have to do to see the world through the zoom lens of love rather than the lens of panic.
  • How, even when situations baffle us, we have the power to quickly return to adore.
  • How to crank up the volume on your reality and turn down the volume on the voice associated with fear and splitting up.

After you watch this video, come back to this blog to get more guidance from this passing in my book, The Galaxy Has Your Back.

General lesson: You are one particular with the Universe.

The way to understanding your truth is to allow the voice of love to echo via every single thought you have. Even when you detour in to fear, which you is going to do all day long, commit to the particular voice of love the moment you see that you’ve selected wrongly. No longer be tolerant of fearful thoughts wandering and have sex your priority.

Consider how different your daily life would be if you fully committed to love most throughout the day. Imagine waking up in the morning and instead of turning on the news, over-caffeinating, and checking your phone, you began the day with a faithfulness, a prayer or a meditative moment. Our teacher Marianne Williamson says, “When we all give time to the quieting experience we have a different life because we have a different nervous system. ” Fine-tuning in to the love of the Universe lowers the stress levels, restores our cells plus reorganizes our energy. Conscious contact with enjoy interrupts the design of fear and returns us to the true nature.

Although this book may seem enjoy it contains many lessons and exercises, there is really only one: Select love. Each exercise brings you closer to it. Each plea, meditation and physical exercise helps to shift your focus away from perceiving yourself as separate from the love of the Universe. The Training course teaches, “Fear can never enter in a thoughts that has attached by itself to love. ” Each time you shift your focus back to love, you release your feeling of separation plus realign.

When you are in alignment using the love of the Universe, peace cannot be damaged. No person, situation or circumstance can take away your peace of mind. This isn’t an easy concept to grasp because we think so deeply in fear and splitting up. We believe we can be harmed and we protect ourselves at any cost. Though at the degree of the mind we can never be harmed because in any moment we can choose love. The more we all stay committed to enjoy, the more we will believe in it. I can say this with certainty. I have committed my life to unlearning concern and releasing the separate perceptions of myself. Each new day offers me great spiritual projects that when faced with prayer and devotion bring me closer to awareness. Even in this minute as I write these types of words I’m reinforcing that connection.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Whether you are a longtime Soul Junkie or a new reader, you can acknowledge this truth today: You are one with the love of the Galaxy. Our spiritual path leads us toward spiritual sight. This is when we begin to give up our faith in our perceptions of the planet to see strength rather than weakness, oneness rather than separation, and love rather than fear.

At the beginning of this book the voice of love was probably distant and hard to hear. But the more you lean toward love, the more you begin to see with spiritual sight, listen with the voice of love, and live more joyfully and free. This is what it means to release your perception of separateness and accept you are one with the Universe.

Stringing together those moments of true connection are how we begin to see the world through the lens of love rather than the lens of fear. Even when situations baffle us, we’ve the power to quickly return to love. Now is the time to crank up the quantity on your truth and turn down the volume on the voice of fear and separation. So choose it. Fully surrender to your spiritual nature, your purpose, passion and a deep connection to the Universe.

By this point in your practice you’re ready to embrace your true connection. These steps are designed to deepen your faith that you are one with the love of the Universe.

Prayer could be the pathway to love. This prayer will act as an intermediary between your feelings of separation and your truth. Use the prayer being an invisible guide back again to love. Let each word sink in to your psyche. Recite this prayer aloud to yourself.

A Prayer for Connecting to the Universe

I call on the vitality of the Universe to guide my thoughts back to love. I surrender the false perceptions I have placed upon myself. I forgive these thoughts and I know that I am love. I will be peace. I am compassion. I am the Universe.

Following the prayer, settle back into the energy of love through you.


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