thirteen Hawaiian Sayings To Practice and Have A More Fulfilled Living

We’re all familiar with a little bit of Hawaiian – after all, we all know that “ aloha” is another word intended for hello. But as it ends up, the list of Hawaiian words to know is much longer compared to you might expect.

And the more you find out about some of the common pieces of lifetime advice given in Hawaii, the more you’ll realize that the Hawaiians have something exclusive to teach us.

This article will give you a primer within the basic phrases you need to know.

We’ll start by contemplating just what is so special regarding Hawaiian lingo – what it seems to capture that most language quite seems to take care of.

Next, we will work our way via 13 unique Hawaiian words about life, and discover how they can help you boost your personal well-being. Finally, we’ll quickly consider how you can incorporate knowing about it of Hawaiian phrases into the manifestation work with the Law of Attraction.

Exactly what are Hawaiian Sayings?

What Are Hawaiian Sayings? Hawaiis world-famous for its incredibly beautiful surroundings, especially its peaceful coast line.

However , one of the most amazing parts of Hawaii is exactly what is called its “ aloha culture”.

Aloha culture revolves around the core values of love, respect, and harmony.

This refers not only to people’s relationships with one another yet to their relationships with the planet around them.

As you’ll see shortly, these values are captured within popular phrases and pieces of advice – all of which stress openness, positivity, and rely on.

But precisely what is so special about Hawaiian sayings? Why do Hawaiians have an unique gift designed for expressing what really issues in life?

What Is So Different About Hawaiian Sayings?

What Is So Different About Hawaiian Sayings? We’ve already noted that “ aloha” is a word used to greet someone – and it is also used to say goodbye. However , aloha culture refers to more than just how to say hello in Hawaiian.

It also involves a special way of greeting people that Hawaiians identify as closely linked to spiritual power and well-being. Called sharing “ ha” (or breath), it involves pressing your own forehead and nose against someone else’s while you both inhale.

This is “ sharing the breath of life”, and it tells you a great deal about how Hawaiians relate to each other.

Even this greeting symbolizes love, understanding, and compassion – it is extremely different from Western tendencies to help keep something of an emotional distance from others when we very first meet them.

This approach to greeting indicates a mindful, empathetic way of living, and it’s no surprise that these ethnic tendencies are exemplified by the Hawaiian language as well.

13 Different Hawaiian Sayings You Can Practice In your own life

It’s difficult to narrow down the hundreds of incredible Hawaiian quotes, but listed below are 13 of the best Hawaiian words that capture the primary of aloha culture.

Each includes Hawaiian words and meanings which will help you to live a more happy, more authentic life to become increasingly skilled from manifesting your dreams.

Kulia i ka nu’u

Translating to “ strive to reach the highest”, this phrase reminds all of us not to settle for anything less than our heart’s desires.

Everyone desires to reside the life they want and to believe in their own unlimited potential.

Noho me personally ka hau’oli

Meaning “ end up being happy”, this simply Hawaii phrase stresses that joy is a choice.

It’s up to you to decide to focus on the positives – in yourself, others, and the broader world.

So that as the Law of Attraction teaches, those who work towards happiness attract even more happiness over time.

Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Among the best Hawaiian slogans about our relationship with ourselves, this phrase tells us “ like gives life within. ”

In other words, if we love ourselves and commit to being a loving presence in the world, we’ll grow and flourish.

In contrast, negativity and self-doubt keep all of us small and stuck.

`A`ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha

While you might be amazed that ancient Hawaiian sayings apply directly to modern life, this phrase translates to “ distance is ignored by really like. ”

Since useful to long-distance partners since it is to people trying to survive the particular constraints of a pandemic, these types of words emphasize that strong connections survive even the majority of adverse circumstances.

‘A’ ohe pu’u ki’eki’e ke ho’a’o ‘ia e pi’i

Translating to “No cliff is so tall it cannot be climbed”, these lovely Hawaiian words encourage determination and resilience.

We all have the resources inside us to tackle challenges, and if we look inside we often find we already have the resources to do so.

He ‘Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha

The phrase that means “joy is in the voice of love”, is another saying that emphasizes the importance of a positive and loving attitude.

A good one to keep in mind when you’re trying to set your intention for manifestation, this particular phrase also makes a perfect positive affirmation to say to yourself each morning.

Kahuna Nui Blooming Kealohalani Makua

Among Hawaiian love quotes, this is one of the most popular. Meaning “ love whatever you see, including yourself”, the particular core message is again one that encourages both self-care and an open-armed method of people around you.

With this attitude in place, that can be done anything you set your mind in order to.

Ua Kuluma Ke Kanaka I Ke Aloha

As well as encouraging love, Hawaiian phrases often catch the idea that love is our core state.

This particular saying means “ it is natural for people to behave in a loving method. ” So if you’re ever struggling to vibrate at the high frequency necessary for manifestation, try to remind yourself that you simply only returning to your organic state.

Ua ola no we ka pane a ke aloha

Translating to “ there is certainly life in a kindly reply”, this Hawaiian saying encourages us to think twice about cruelty.

Whenever we feel like hurting someone’s feelings or criticizing them, we should think twice about the results.

How might things go differently if you find it within yourself to be kind rather?

Ku’ia kahele aka na’au ha’aha’a

An evocative phrase that means “ a humble person strolls carefully so as not to harm others”, this saying can be another example of Hawaiian inspirational quotes that encourage empathy.

Not only should good about how to be kind, yet we should think about how we might accidentally hurt others trying to prevent this.

A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale

Meaning “ dare to dance, leave shame at home”, this phrase is a contact to be your true personal.

Enjoy life at all times, and be defiant to those who would judge. Dancing will bring a person more joy, whether if you’re literally dancing or simply experiencing celebrating your authentic way of being.

`A`ohe lokomaika`i nele i ke pâna`i

Hawaiian words are great for reminding us from the value of our good actions.

This one indicates “ no kind deed has ever lacked the reward”, and it fits perfectly with the teachings of the Regulation of Attraction. Not only do a person improve life for others once you act generously, but you furthermore attract generosity to you.

E hele me ka pu’olo

These popular Hawaiian words translate in order to “ make every person, location, or condition better than a person left it always. ”

So , along with trying to do no damage, we should try to actively do good. Everywhere you go, think about ways to make even small adjustments that promote love plus happiness.

Implementing These Hawaiian Sayings Can Boost Yourself And Your Manifesting Power

Adopting These Hawaiian Sayings Can Boost Yourself And Your Manifesting Power With all these Hawaiian quotations and sayings under your belt, you have some wonderful brand new Law of Attraction resources.

All of these terms teach us important lessons about how to see the world, the potential, and the people all of us encounter.

You may use these Hawaii quotes and sayings to create mood planks and affirmations or make use of them as journal prompts. Nevertheless , even just thinking about them can help to boot your outward exhibition power.

When you find it tough to maintain a positive perspective, you can come back to these estimates, again and again, to help yourself find your center and connect with your natural state of love and compassion.

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