The way to Trust Your Intuition

I pulled a card prior to a recent episode associated with Dear Gabby. This read, “In each moment, the Galaxy is conspiring to create me toward right-minded thinking and the power of love. ” As the Universe might have it, that was the particular message that kept creating every guest on the program. The synchronicity had been wild!

Watch the full episode below to see how everything unfolds …

When we enter a place of genuine acceptance that the World is conspiring to create us toward right-minded thinking and the power of love, it will feel like a huge reduction, because it allows us to take the curiosity and happy anticipation of what is coming—and give up control. It’ h a true energy of trusting and understanding that you are being led, that there is a beautiful program unfolding for you plus you’ re participating in it.

You can’ t understand the guidance until you slow down enough on this moment to receive this. So slow down, calm down, and repeat this prayer:

I welcome the particular guidance from the Universe.

Our prayer for you every today is to tune in to this guidance, to be open and ready, to trust that will in every moment the particular Universe is indeed conspiring to guide your thoughts as well as your energy back towards right-minded thinking plus thoughts of really like.

And when you get back into that positioning, everything starts to movement.

Get yourself into a practice of watching when you’ re in alignment and witnessing when you’ re not. And when you’ re not really, come back fast. Dear Gabby is not a film about perfection. This can be a show about comeback rate.

I’ m here to assist you come back to the energy which is supportive and preserving, so that you can be an Extremely Attractor in every part of your life.

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