The Return Of Face-To-Face Meetings – Do you want?

Group of people having an in-person meeting

Vaccinations are going into arms and there is light at the end of the tunnel – before we know it, normality will be back and we can go about our company as we did before the madness began (hopefully).

All of us always have to have an surroundings of caution when creating such remarks, because developments are occurring all the time, but it looks as though we are (finally) on the final straight out of this thing.

In the outbreak, we have become used to Zoom calls, where we only have to worry about what we are wearing above the waist. Now (shock horror) we actually have to pay for attention to what’s listed below (don’t be filthy) as we re-enter the particular meeting room with people in the flesh.

Whether you are conference a business partner, client or attending a job interview, remembering the correct etiquette is essential. As the outbreak still hasn’t quite gone into the history, there are other procedures that must be followed to ensure everyone remains Covid-secure, for example maintaining your interpersonal distance and closed fist or elbow-bumping rather than the customer handshakes or embraces.

Look the Part

You could be forgiven for being just a little dressed down on a video call because, after all, you were at home. Along with millions of workers, trousers were furloughed during lockdown. Now, we have to bring them back out of temporary retirement once we head back into the office.

Right after so long, you may have forgotten how to make yourself seem presentable for work matters, rather than searching as though you have just gotten out of bed in a rush.

Adding accessories to your usual business match such as designer cufflinks, bracelets and clothing studs will not only indicate you look good, but you also feel good. In order to leave a little extra some thing for anyone you are meeting, why not spray your favourite scent for good measure? This has been a good way of making sure you are remembered – this, of course , had not been possible through video calls.


Make a good impression, especially if you are conference a potential employer for an interview! That means that not only should you not become late, but you need to make a point of being earlier. Make sure to arrive a good 10 to 15 minutes prior to your interview time, as this shows that you happen to be keen and a great timekeeper.

Late arrivals, unless they have an exceptionally valid reason why, tend not to get the job. If you know you will be late, perhaps due to traffic (which is something we all haven’t had to contend with during lockdown) or perhaps you have gotten lost (in which situation you should have planned your own route better), make sure to call in so as they may not be waiting around for you.

Meeting Rooms

We have already touched with this earlier in the article, but as we continue to be in the midst of an outbreak, you will still have to become mindful of the environment you are in. This implies ensuring there is adequate space for social distancing and that the particular meeting room is well-ventilated.

If you are not happy with the amount of space you have at your disposal, especially if you are planning on getting multiple attendees present, you may also wish to consider booking out an external conference room that can meet your needs.

Once we venture back into the planet, there is bound to be some element of readjustment that will be needed. This particular, though, should be fulfilled with glee instead of dread. Video phone calls are soon to be a thing of the previous (at least towards the extent as they possess been).

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