The reason why Work If You Don’t Have To?

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Which person is much better off — somebody who gets everything given to them on a sterling silver platter or anyone who has to work hard regarding everything they obtain? Your first reaction could be that winning the particular lottery sounds pretty good, thank you. After all, precisely why bust your chops if you can get almost everything without doing anything at all?

Just think. You wouldn’t have to study hard. You wouldn’t have to exercise. And you wouldn’t need to work your end off. In fact , a person wouldn’t have to make much of an effort whatsoever. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Be careful what you choose to. The do-nothing, get-everything plan isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

Hard Work Is Good for Your own Soul

Some folks are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Other people get rewarded by means of special treatment, like favoritism, cronyism, or private bias . And others simply take what they want by lying down and cheating, gaming the machine, or winning to the backs of others.

If you’re one of the above, you may have the fancy title, have the ability to afford expensive belongings and brag for your neighbor, but you really don’t deserve your own rewards because you didn’t earn them. While some may place you on a pedestal whenever they see your trophies, you understand the real truth. Which means everything!

You see, the real reward of achievement isn’t the prosperity, power, and position that comes with a success; it’s the feeling of accomplishment that you receive from setting an devoted goal, overcoming a difficult challenge, and battling the good fight until success is earned. As such, hard work isn’t a punishment. This builds character , provides a sense of purpose , and promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.

One of the greatest rewards of success is usually knowing the obstacles that you overcame to achieve this.

However, when you receive benefits without earning them, it:

Produces self-doubt. When people are usually rewarded with out making an effort, it decreases confidence and robs those individuals of their personal dignity.

Makes you weak. When any part of the human body hasn’t exercised properly, it will atrophy. This is also true of the individual spirit.

Weakens your potential. There is certainly great truth within the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for any day; teach a man to fish so you feed him for life. ” How can you reproduce success if you certainly not earned it to begin with?

Promotes dependency. Dependency purges people of their dreams, makes their soul atrophy, and enslaves them to a lifetime associated with mediocrity.

Hard Work Beats Simple Money, Every Time

While you might believe giving someone a free pass is type and generous, you’re not doing all of them any favors.

If you ever had someone push you to definitely your limits, they were implying, “I’m hard on you because I realize you’re capable of more. ” On the other hand, when you give someone a totally free pass it’s such as saying, “I’m doing this because I’m unsure you can do it your self. ” If you actually want to help someone, give them the tools and the self-confidence to achieve success themselves.

Like most individuals, I’m sure you don’t want to receive an act of charitable organization. You want to know that your rewards are hard-fought and well-deserved. That will, in turn, will give you comfort, knowing you can duplicate that success any time you place your mind to it. It will also give you control over your own destiny.

The true reward of success emanates from the person’s journey, not the destination. It’s the feeling of achieving success that comes from triumphing more than a difficult challenge, becoming a better person, plus making a difference within someone’s life. Conversely, when someone can be rewarded without working for it, they drop something very specific — they get rid of the feeling of good results that comes from earning their success. As Frederick Douglass said, “People might not get every they work for nowadays, but they must definitely work for all they get. ”

Would You Work If You Didn’t Have To?

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