The Importance Of Reducing Food Waste

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As we head into an era of sustainability along with a time of awareness about the importance of looking after our planet, we need to address the particular overwhelming issue associated with food waste.

Food waste is a huge issue which is facing us all at home, locally and even internationally. Food waste is a massive contributor in order to global warming, it really is depleting our planet’ s resources and costing us cash.

People around the world are malnourished or have limited entry to food while grocery stores, restaurants and food manufacturers dispose of perfectly edible food day to day.

Did you know?

Just 25% of the total global food waste can feed the approximated 795 million undernourished people in the world.

Start At Home

The significance of reducing food waste is clear and it is crucial to start the alter at home. With just a couple of simple steps like meal planning, shopping locally and taking advantage of the correct food storage solutions, you can make certain your carbon footprint is reduced while at the same time, you will save your money.

Here are a few simple steps you can try away at home:

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Whether a household of 10 or a single resident, try planning your meals ahead. Make a tough plan for the 7 days to come so that you can much better gauge what elements you will need. Don’t forget to make a shopping list.

Healthy Habits - Habit 2 Meal Planning

Healthy Habits Collection: Habit 2 – The Importance Of Meal Planning

Menu planning is absolutely not for those of use who are looking to keep track of our diets, if you manage your meal plans you’ll be able to save money and help environmental surroundings too.

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Shop Locally

If you have access to a little delicatessen, bakery or even farm shop near you then pop in and see what exactly is available. Not only are usually fresh goods better than from a supermarket but you will be supporting a local business. Don’ t buy too much, remember, you can get these local and fresh items as and when you need all of them.

Store Your Food And Left over spots

Use high grade food storage solutions like mylar bags for batch cooking and plant and spice storage so that you can keep your meals stored almost consistently. Mylar bags really are a simple to use and efficient product for keeping all kinds of goods including beans, rice, herbal products and prepared food items.

Of course , these are not the only real steps you can take. Consider donating unwanted foods to a food bank or charitable cause. A lot of organisations accept donations so that they can help provide for the local community and charitable causes.

It is common now for people to have an allotment plot or perhaps a vegetable patch within their garden. If you are lucky enough to have space to get a veggie patch or herb garden try keeping your foods and composting your waste materials so that you can save money over time.

How you can Dry Foods Properly

There are numerous ways in which you can dried out foods properly and you also do not need specialist devices. All you need is:

  • Reduced humidity
  • Airflow
  • A source of reduced heat

With a simple household oven you are able to dry almost all food. Keep the oven on the constant low heat, place your products on a rack or even baking tray and leave the door ajar to avoid moisture build-up. Check your herb or food often to make sure it doesn’t dried out too much and burn off. Home dehydrators are very popular as you can generally select a setting for your food type you are trying to dry rather than leaving it in an oven or under the sun, they are also relatively inexpensive.

Why Are Mylar Bags The Industry Gold Standard For Food Storage?

You will not find a food storage bag that is as efficient as a mylar bag. When used correctly, food can be stored in mylar bags not for just years however for decades!

Mylar bags are made from a type of polyester known as polyethylene terephthalate. It really is flexible, durable, solid and also lightweight which makes it the ideal material just for long lasting storage.

How To Use A Mylar Bag

  • The first step to using a mylar bag is making certain your food or herb products are correctly dried or ready. Depending on what you are usually storing you will probably need to use an oxygen absorber or desiccant. With this you will need to make a couple of basic calculations that you can find many guides online.
  • You will need to get all the air out of the handbag and use a dependable heat source just like a heat gun or iron to seal the bag close. Creased and improperly stuck seals can reduce the efficacy of preservation. Try to associated with bag and seals flat for the best adhesion.
  • Shop your mylar bags away from sources of light, heat and dampness. Try to avoid changes in temperature and contact with light as this can, over a long period of your time, deteriorate the bags preservation capabilities.

Now That Your Food Is Stored

When you have started storing your own goods away in mylar bags (for long or short term preservation) you may choose to carry on spreading the good term.

Are you aware that 8% of all green house emissions each year are usually due to food waste and loss. Moreover a staggering 33% of ALL food produced globally is wasted and lost each year. Simply by adapting your conduct and evolving your own attitude toward reducing climate change you may make a massive difference towards the global crisis that people are all affected by in a single way or another.

Keep an eye out to get local projects that will take donations associated with unwanted food, work with a compost heap or even your local food waste collection service and be conscious of your own co2 footprint.

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