The Dark Side Of Tarot Cards and Psychic Readings

There’s a dark side in order to tarot card readings and having psychic readings. Especially, it happens through tarot cards and pick-a-cards. I’m going to talk about it because it’s super important. It’s really leading to a lot of damage to a lot of people and they don’t realize it’s happening.  

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Tarot Cards And Desperation 


Letting Go Of Needing To Know

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Are Tarot Credit cards And Psychic Readings For Your Highest Good?

Set The Intention
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I’m going to break down three things you need to look out for with tarot credit cards, pick a card, psychic readings, and Zodiac signs. Should you do not know this, it can truly change your life.

Tarot Cards And Desperation 

Number one is frustration. What happens is a lot of people use tarot cards and the other modalities mentioned, because most are having such a hard time in life. They still haven’t got that job or the cash. They still haven’t found their soulmate or their life’s path. They’re working with a lot of difficulties. So they get into it with desperation.  

And what happens a lot of the time is because your subconscious creates everything, including your experience with a Tarot Card, You can project your desperation out into the experience after which take it as absolute reality. It could tell you something, not really that ideal or not that will pleasing, or maybe you go to the psychic and they tell you some thing not that great that may happen. Because you’re inside a state of desperation, a person take it as absolute reality.

And what occurs is the tarot card, the psychic, the Zodiac sign, the particular astrology sign, you add it into your subconscious thoughts and because your consciousness generates reality, not the tarot card or not the psychic, you embed it into your subconscious mind and actually use it to create a limiting future for yourself. It becomes a self satisfying prophecy where you then say, “Oh my gosh, seem, it was right”.

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It’s very important to crystal clear your energy before you go into an experience like this. You just can crystal clear energy in a simple way by just taking nice few deep breaths in and out. Help remind yourself that you create your reality. Nothing else. What happens is all of these things become equipment that can assist you in uplifting your own awareness.

Now, the best way to do this is to start to work at reprogramming your subconscious mind. That’s why I have a free of charge success hypnosis that I continually give out to everybody that is certainly designed to reprogram your depths of the mind. Because if you can do that, you can get to the core from the lot of habitual desperation, limitation, and fear that can express itself and make all of us vulnerable to other people or other activities, negative outcomes.

So go ahead and make sure to use my free success hypnosis. You can click any of the buttons on this page for that. All of the sudden, what’s going to happen is with your tarot card or your own Zodiac sign, or whatever it really is, you’re going to find more positive interpretations and manifestations because you have got to the root of the subconscious.

Letting Go Of Needing To Know

Number two can be letting go. And more importantly, letting go of what we think we need to know. Frequently we give up our power, our free will to improve situations because we want to know how the future will look. The truth is all the energy that ever has been and ever will be is occurring simultaneously. So all facts are already occurring on the mess field. So , pick a cards, a psychic reading, really all pulling from a mess field of possibilities that will already exist.

What happened a lot of times is we carry the same type of frustration or fear through a simple thing, such as needing so bad to know exactly after that happen. When that occurs, occasionally we can miss the meaning from the tarot card or the clairvoyant or the clue we get from the universe because we are going to taking it. So literal. Sometimes this can be negative. I realize a person that actually thought through a tarot card psychic reading, that they were going to have terrible news with their business. They were going to have some actually bad things happen.

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They interpreted that as really bad legal issues that were going to happen, and they also built this whole fearfulness complex. They said, you’ve got to be really careful because you the one creating your own truth. You’ve now built this complex from a simple tarot card that you believe all your business dealing will go sour and live in total misfortune.

So what happened is you’ve embodied all these negative frequencies and you think it’s absolute truth. Whenever in fact it’s only family member truth. It’s one range of an infinite field of possibilities. You’ve condensed it as an absolute fact, and you’re playing it out because you’re so eager about needing to know what the following year in your business would definitely look like.

And what I invite you to do is remember that there actually is a higher power in our life that will orchestrate itself perfectly. We all don’t need to know every single one detail. I invite a person before you go into any of your readings, I invite you to simply say the simple phrase, “I surrender to the highest great of the universe”. When this happens, it gets your ego out of the way so the highest and greatest good can come through. And when you remember, it’s not overall truth, then it becomes something which actually serves you.

Are usually Tarot Cards And Clairvoyant Readings For Your Highest Great?

Number three is set your intentions obviously. You’re the creator of the reality and everything that you experiencing with tarot credit cards and any medium you utilize, it’s about you and your very own highest and best great.

Set The Intention

It’s important that you established the intention of that in advance. So think about what your primary intentions are. Is it clearness and work? Is it love? Is it that you’re looking for more money? Is it business? What is it that is your primary intentions? And before you go into it, simply close your own eyes and affirm your intentions to the universe plus end it by saying thank you. When you end something by saying, thank you, When you are communicating with the universe, this cements the ask into the quantum field, and it gets you an instantaneous result.

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When you go into it and you know your intention is around clarity with love. When you go into the taro credit card like that, or you go into the psychic reading like that, what happens could be the tarot card or the clairvoyant reading, the psychic can be picking up on your subconscious. It’s actual manifesting based off of the discharge of your own energy in your depths of the mind.

When you understand that, and you set a clear intention, you cement where the energy will go and this in turn makes certain that you get exactly what you need at exactly the right time. Therefore set a clear and powerful intention.

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Get rid of all the unfavorable crap and all the things that are programmed into our thoughts by society. 2020 has been a crazy year. A lot of people are already programmed with negativity monetarily and with health. And so you have to reprogram all of those thoughts within your subconscious. And so it’s, Jake’s hypnosis. com. Go ahead and obtain that right now for free. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you make sure you hit the subscribe button and the bell notice on either side. Possess a great day. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you next time.

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