The best way to Celebrate During Lockdown

WOman celebrating birthday over zoom

The world keeps switching despite the fact that we are still within lockdown, which means that people have important dates in their work schedule which they normally celebrate regardless of whether this is a birthday, Valentine’s Day time or an anniversary. While you might not be able to celebrate as you would normally, there are still lots of methods to celebrate and you can certainly set a memorable year.


With it approaching almost a year since the start of the pandemic, it means that many people will have celebrated their particular birthday under some form of limitations (some heavier than others). Fortunately, this means that people have already been coming up with lots of great ways to enjoy while staying safe. Obviously, celebrating with those that you reside with will be important, but you could also organise a video call with friends and enjoy some games and drinks in this way.

If you are helping someone else to celebrate the birthday, it will be thoughtful to get your loved one a birthday card and posted to their home so that they will have something to open on the day and to show you are thinking about them even if you are unable to physically be there with them.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Time will be very different this year, yet that is not to say that it will not be special. If you are luckily enough to live with your partner, you could have a romantic evening in with a home-cooked meal/takeaway. For those that usually do not live with a partner or are usually single and keen to date, virtual dates are a wise decision and a way to feel linked to someone on what could be a challenging day for couples plus singles alike.

In terms of gifts, there are lots of good options whether you are able to spend the day together or you are apart. Chocolates and blossoms are, of course , always an excellent option and can be sent directly to your partner/date. For any more thoughtful gift designed for couples, something like a photo collage will sure to be valued and remind you both associated with happier times and ideally help you to look forward to the future. Talking about which, you may also want to make a few plans to enjoy together once you are able to as a way to give you both something to look forward in order to.

Hopefully, this post will show you that you can still celebrate and make new memories even during lockdown regarding special events. In fact , making an extra effort this year and uncovering unique ways to celebrate could make it even more special, memorable and unique and be one year which you one day look back again on and can smile.

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