The best way to Break a Bad Habit

I’ve never been shy about my experience with addiction plus sobriety. In fact , a lot of the early career was centered around that part of the journey.

On the outset, I realized I was addicted to materials. But I had other addictions, too, like love and food. Over the years, I’ve visit realize that most people have some kind of addiction, whether it’s to substances, love or foods (like me), or to things like gossip, worry or fearfulness.

Sometimes, these addictions have a huge impact. The “rock bottom” addictions those that can cause us to lose everything, or at least everything that’s important, and often in a very public way—cause apparent destruction.

But addiction also offers a more subtle manifestation. A few addictions never end up throwing out up our life; rather, they just hold all of us back. Even after we understand these patterns aren’t providing us and are willing to alter, we continue to repeat them.

We often call these subtler addictions “bad habits. ”

The term “bad habits” is advantageous to a point. It indicates that these particular addictions aren’t wrecking someone’s life on a large scale. Yet it’s furthermore useful to see these annoying for what they are: Addictions. That’s because all forms of addiction, regardless of how they manifest, originate from the same root cause.

In this show of Dear Gabby, I am going straight to that underlying. We’re going to talk about exactly what your addiction even though it’s just a “bad habit” is trying to protect. We’re going to look at it using a framework borrowed from Internal Family Systems (IFS). And then we are going to create a molecule of space within the experience designed for something new.

Just for a moment, we’re going to feel.

It below contains all that and more. I promise you that what’s happening here is absolutely nothing short of miraculous.

As soon as you’ve created that area, repeat the pattern. Create something new. Make it into a “good habit” one that causes you to connect with that inner kid and whatever she requirements, whenever she needs it.

This is the beginning. It’s the moment when everything starts to change. Because once you feel whatever reaches the root of your addiction, you might have nothing left to run through.

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