The ability of Questions

Questions are one of the simplest, yet most powerful, ‘ tools’ at our disposal since in asking them, you might be focusing your attention in a very specific way. You are intentionally looking for answers you quite definitely need, uncovering insights which are very valuable.

You are engaging in self-reflection, and improving awareness of what is going on inside you. What questions do you need to be asking yourself to improve the quality of your life and call in solutions to the particular challenges you are currently going through?

Here are a few to think about:

If I was totally comfortable with my uncomfortable feelings, what adjustments would I make inside my life right now that I might be avoiding because of them?

If I was totally free of fright, what would I do in a different way in my life?

If I was immune to the judgments plus criticisms of others, what would I do differently in my life?

If the amount of money you made didn’ t issue, what would I do expertly?

What are my core ideals?

Where am I saying ‘ yes’ when I prefer to be saying ‘ no?

‘ How can I better assistance my physical, mental and emotional health?

What does an ideal day look like?

What or even who would I remove from my life right this quick if I could?

What are the primary negative feelings in my lifetime, and what is triggering them?

What are the top 3 feelings I want more of in my life?

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