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70 Better Days Ahead Quotes to Refuel Your Hope and Motivation

Feeling a little low on positivity and hope? Then I think that today’s post filled with the most powerful better days ahead quotes will be of good use. These thoughts and tips from yesteryear 200 years will assist you to refuel your optimism and renew your outlook on the future if you are going through a […]#@@#@!!

My 5 Unique Solutions to Mindfulness Challenges

Roy T. Bennet as soon as said, “When items do not go your way, remember that every challenge— every adversity — contains inside it seeds associated with opportunity and growth. ” And that has been the case with the mindfulness journey.     By now, you’ ve …

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7 Ways to Stay Good During the Dark plus Cold Winter

“In the depths of winter I actually finally learned there is in me an invincible summer. ” Albert Camus “If we had no winter, the spring may not be so pleasant: if we did not occasionally taste of adversity, prosperity would not end up being so welcome. ” Anne Bradstreet  Up here in Sweden the winter is dark, chilly and […]#@@#@!!

Why is Someone Beautiful inside your Eyes?

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How much significance do you place on searching healthy, young, and vibrant? You’re not by yourself. Just think of the time and money that people invest in their hair, nails, make-up, and wardrobe, not forgetting their diet, health and fitness, and the zillion money plastic surgery industry. All things considered, appearances matter. It’s also interesting to see the…   [Read More]

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86 Comfort Zone Quotes to Motivate You to Reside Your Best Life

One of the most common reasons why people get trapped in inaction plus don’t move forward to really improve their lives in the way they want is – in my experience – mainly because it’s uncomfortable. It is easier and often seems pretty good at least OK for a while to just stay in the comfort […]#@@#@!!

Podcast #220: You Can’t Control Other People’s Awareness

Getting comfortable with our own complete inability to control how other people perceive our words, actions and choices, is essential to advancing our own inner transformation plus positive change in our lives. Have an issue you think would make a good blog post? Post it here Work with Me personally Courses Coaching Contact Library       KelliCooper · […]

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A Couple Drops in the Bucket: How to Resolve Conflict With a Friend

We were just about all in our cramped, university student-sized apartment kitchen area. My two roommates, the closest friends, had been sitting on the floor dying a couple of shirts as well as a pair of shoes. Leaning against the counter, I watched my …

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71 Don’t Settle Quotes to Help You Get What You Deep Down Want

It’s sometimes tempting to settle for less. Less than you deserve, want or maybe even honestly need in your lifetime. So if you need a kickstart to keep moving towards what you deep down want and dream about then this post with 71 of the very powerful don’t settle quotes of all time might be […]#@@#@!!

What sort of Challenging Time in My Life Led to My Give up

Surrender – what an amazingly effective world. It often engenders the thought of weakness and cowardice. In my case, it required all of the strength I had to be brave enough to follow the invisible to the unknown. – …

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The Most Secure Industries To Work In

Illustration of a graduate surrounded by a variety of career choices

The past couple of years have certainly been a test on the rigidity of the number of industries. Individuals the world over have found on their own unemployed as the coronavirus pandemic managed to change sectors on their mind, and a lot of businesses were unable to adjust without suffering a loss of employees in the process.