Successful Worry vs Unproductive Get worried

How can you differentiate between productive worry and unproductive worry so that you can make the most out of your time? And exactly what should you do in both circumstances?

Productive worry can be a valuable thing because it gives you a sense of emergency and pushes you to take action to that is good for you. However if you are in a position where you are unable to take action and still find yourself worrying, then you maybe in a state of unproductive worry.

Listed below are the main characteristics for each kind of worrying:

Characteristics of Successful Worry

  • It helps you to solve the problem
  • It doesn’ t last long
  • It accepts that you can’ t control everything
  • It is far from emotionally overwhelming

Characteristics of Unproductive Worry

  • When you worry about events considerably in the future or past that don’ t need an alternative now
  • Once you accept only perfect or even near perfect solutions to your problems
  • When you worry about a situation that is out of your control
  • If you imagine all kinds of unlikely results
  • When it’ s emotionally overwhelming

A Simple Question

Every time you are worried and feel the stress piling up, ask yourself this issue:

Is there some effective action I can take nowadays that will help me to solve the problem?

If the answer can be “ Yes ” then start instantly! Make a to-do list and start taking motivated action to achieve it. This is the best type of worry as it forces you to definitely be productive and you’ ll feel a lot more satisfied and happy once you’ ve accomplished it.

However if you answered “ No “, then the distress you feel is doubt. The challenge here is to accept that life is full of uncertainty and you also cannot control everything in every area of your life. This acceptance will help you to prevent worrying so much and you will feel better once you learn to let go .

Remember if you can’ t do everything at this moment to make the situation much better, then you are simply having unproductive worry and you should learn to let go of that fear.

Productive Worry vs Unproductive Worry

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