Straighten up YourSelf With The Universe At this point!

Today we are going to talk about the right way to align yourself with the world so that you can manifest your wishes in your life. I’m going to be sharing my own principles that, uh, has given me a chance to live in this beautiful home and, and be in this, this living that I feel so pleased for. Miracles can come into your life from following these types of principles.

I just recently relocated to a new home in Ut and i’m surrounded simply by beatuful Red Rock! It has made me feel so connected to the universe because I am just staring off into these types of perfectly formed rocks that look like they go into the underworld. It makes me think about the intelligence of the universe and how if you possibly can align with it, you can format with God. When we do this, all of the miracles and excellence the universe has to offer pours down upon us.

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All of this magnificence is always offered to us. A lot of times what happens is definitely our own thought patterns in fact obstruct it from entering our life. A mantra is really quite simply directed thought that calls upon the capabilities of the universe. And so I want to share with you a mantra that has been really powerful for me, which you can use as well for finances. You can now use this mantra and you can create new ones of your own.

But this one is the one that I use. “I am one particular with the miracle working presence of the universe. It’s excellence guides my life in every way”. Start with the phrase, “I am one with the wonder working presence of the universe”, and then I’ll often complete what it is that I want. You can fill in the second sentence with how much abundance, health, adore, or happiness is flowing to you. Try it!

align yourself with the universe

Number two is just not being afraid. It doesn’t imply that you aren’t afraid of things. What I’m saying is you’re not afraid to truly embrace plus claim your desires. There’s a lot of people that wish they had certain things in their life. They desire they had a beautiful home. These people wish they made the kind of impact in the world that they needed. They wish they could have an amazing romantic relationship, but it by no means works out. And what happens will be after a while, we think about the items that we want and it doesn’t happen the way that we want. So we start to diminish ourselves.

It really has nothing to do with you because you aren’t the one doing the work. It’s not an arrogant or even egotistical thing, because it does not have anything to do with you to begin with because every cell of the body is vibrating in perfect harmony with the wellbeing, the abundance and the success of the universe! You are one with God. Therefore the possibility of your own desire doesn’t have anything to perform with your own worthiness or inadequacy. It has everything to do with a person tapping into it and selecting to say “yes” to the galaxy and all it has to offer on a deep level.

Michael Angelo said it best. He said “the greatest tragedy in life genuinely aiming too high and not reaching it. It’s aiming too low and reaching it”. Remember you are good enough because you are a divine being.

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The last thing to align yourself with all the universe is to be able to reduce yourself. It’s amazing. Amazing how many of us spend our whole lives totally encapsulated and engulfed in guilt and shame about maybe something you did bad on. Maybe it was in school. Maybe it was just a bad decision, a dumb choice that you made when you had been younger or when you just didn’t have the same knowledge that you now have. Maybe it had been last year. Maybe it was 15 years ago. So many of us spend the whole lives, literally having around emotional guilt and shame. We’re afraid of what other people might think of all of us.

We lower our own self-esteem and the self-worth and our own likelihood of our future based off of guilt and shame. We are going to afraid of receiving money. We are going to afraid of receiving gifts. We don’t feel comfortable receiving something, whether it’s praise or acceptance or accomplishments or achievement. The truth is that the universe is completely unconditional and unlimited within nature.

The whole purpose of life is simply to find out and to raise our amount of awareness. So the way that occurs, oftentimes, is by making “mistakes”. They’re really not errors, but we’ll call them that. It’s all for the experience. It’s not to break you down.

align yourself with the universe

It all serves a work grander purpose. So you need to let go, you have to forgive yourself. You have to trust that every thing has happened for a cause. You have to be able to take a deep breath plus feel “I love myself. I forgive myself. Everything is okay”. Trust me, God has already forgiven you. The particular universe has already forgiven you. You don’t have a bunch of bad karma written with your name onto it.

When a doorway opens, walk through with confidence! Raise your hand, make that will video, make that music, go develop that concept. Close that sale. Associated with phone call when the opportunity comes up. But first write it lower. There’s a power in writing your big desires down on document because when you do, you clearly form them and state them to yourself and God. It’s you saying, this really is possible. I believe in this. I seriously do want this point. And when you do that, you pull the possibility from the quantum field. It’s time to format yourself with the universe my pal 🙂  

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Miracles are normal.


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