six Steps to Start Manifesting Today

The Spirit Junkie community recently opened my own eyes to something.

I kept getting messages from individuals on Facebook and Instagram asking about manifesting and saying they weren’t certain they were doing it right.

Therefore i ran a poll on my IG Stories nevertheless, “Have you ever sensed confused about how to manifest? ”

I was shocked to see that will 96% of people said yes!

I felt called to clear things up, so in this post I’m sharing 3 do’s and don’ts of manifesting.


What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is definitely cultivating the experience of what that you want to feel — and then living and thinking in that experience so that you can allow it to come into form.

You can practice manifesting to attract whatever you want, whether that’s an effective business, good health, a relationship or even a material object.

Occasionally we manifest things far past our wildest dreams . So when manifesting, it is important to stay open to opportunities that are beyond what you think you need. When you align with the loving energy of the Universe, you will find no limits to what you are able to attract.

Manifesting is the process of vibrating at a high rate of recurrence so that you become a vibrational match with the Universe and can co-create your world.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Manifesting

Let’s break it straight down more. Keep reading to discover a few big do’s and don’ts of manifesting. Follow all of them and you will truly co-create with all the Universe!

Don’t: Expect what you want to just drop inside your lap

This may be the biggest manifesting misconception around. There’s this idea that all you have to do is definitely make a vision board and write a thousand affirmations inside your journal… and then the exact factor you desire will magically appear before you.

Vision boards and affirmations are great because they provide clarity. I love both of them! But we can get caught up in thinking that we know what is best. We get extremely attached to a specific outcome or even want things to happen on the particular timeline.

When we do that, we cut off Universal assistance and shift into manic manifesting .

Do: Trust that the Universe has a plan better than yours

Manifesting isn’t regarding having complete control or satisfying all our immediate desires. True manifesting isn’t even about getting what we think we want. It’s about receiving what is of the best good for all.

You will have experiences in which you will attract exactly what you want. But controlling outcomes to get precisely what you want isn’t the goal. Remember, your plan is not always the best plan.

For instance , if all your meditations and affirmations are around landing a campaign at work, you might completely block a way better opportunity at a different company!

In this video clip I share about how I actually surrendered to a greater program when it came to having a child…

There is a plan greater than yours. Once you surrender to the art of manifesting you can trust that will spirit is guiding you toward your desires — and much more.


Here’s a short prayer from the book, Super Attractor , that will help you surrender your desires and exercise patience:

“Thank a person, Universe and guides from the highest truth and empathy. I am ready to feel free. I actually welcome a newfound trust. ”

Say the particular prayer out loud and set aside a second to settle into the feelings of what it means to surrender in order to faith in the Universe.

If you think some resistance, honor it and then return to this prayer. You can say it as frequently as you want. It’s the request for guidance. You’re switching over your plans and clearing space for the power of the Universe to support a person in ways you can’t imagine.

Don’t: Try to “make it happen”

Trying to control and pressure things to happen is a deeply ingrained habit for many people.

If you’re on a spiritual path, you may have done some lovely work to release this design. But the ego’s need to manage is sneaky, and we can fall back into this pattern without realizing it.

Even if you don’t really identify being a control freak (and I can be honest: I do), there are some subtle ways that we all try to control. If you:

  • Sweat the small stuff,
  • Inquire a ton of people for their views before doing something, or
  • Avoid dealing with things…

…Then it’s likely you are secretly trying to control your life .

Remember, the Galaxy has a plan far better than our own. You can stop managing and start receiving by tapping into that guidance.

Do: Practice the particular Spiritually Aligned Action Method

Manifesting is also known as co-creating because it’s a collaboration between you and the Universe. In my 21-Day Manifesting Challenge , I teach a method which i intuitively developed and used in my own life. It is called the Spiritually Aligned Motion Method.

When we take spiritually aligned action, we can rely on that an energy beyond our personal is working on our account and that everything is working out for us — even if we all don’t know exactly when or how it will take place.

I want to give you a sneak peek at this method now…

Practicing step 1 on its own is a game changer. Try this practice and join the waitlist for that 21-Day Manifesting Challenge and become the first to know as soon as we all open registration on December 7th. Inside the challenge we where we will dive strong into the full method for accurate transformation.

Step 1 is to make sure your wish is backed with motivation and service.

Practicing step 1 on its own is a game changer. Try this practice to get ready for the full method in the Manifesting Challenge!

When the desire you’re manifesting is aligned along with service and inspiration, it’s invincible.

You might be thinking, “How do I know if the desire is backed along with service and inspiration? ” Or, “What if what I want isn’t about changing the planet? What if I want to find enjoy or get out of debt? How s that of service to other people? ”

If your desire brings you sincere joy, after that it’s backed with motivation! And as long as you surrender to the highest good for all, nature will support it.

However , you also need to understand why you want something and what energy is behind it. If you want a new job so your loved ones will approve of a person, or if you want a relationship because you feel incomplete on your own, in that case your desire is likely backed with neediness and fear.

Here is how to clear up the energy at the rear of your desire: Ask yourself, “Does this desire make me really feel inspired and serve other people? ”

Open your log and write about how your desire lights you up inside. Write about how your own inspiration and positive power serves others. When you line up your energy with service plus inspiration, you can trust it will propel your eyesight forward.

Finally, let yourself cultivate the feelings of joy, inspiration and great contribution. Provide yourself permission to commemorate your desires!

In this video I reveal more about what it means to take spiritually aligned action:

Don’t: Save your manifesting procedures for one special time make

Many folks think of manifesting because something they do only while in their Zen den, on their meditation pillow, with every crystal lined up and candlestick lit. They spend a few amount of time in that space meditating, journaling and doing other things that helps them get aligned, feel good and connect to nature.

…And then they get up, start their day and keep their spiritual practices behind.

When you compartmentalize your spiritual practices like this, you’re trimming off the flow of motivation.

Inspiration isn’t something we can feel only on a retreat, in a yoga class or even at a religious service. All of us do ourselves a great disservice when we put it in a package and keep it separate from your rest of our life.

Perform: Make manifesting part of your daily life

Manifesting is some thing we do continuously. Actually we’re always manifesting and attracting — it’s just that we usually do it unconsciously.

Rather than saving your manifesting practices for “special” places and times, infuse them into your daily life.

  • Commit to meditating every morning, even if that means sitting in stillness for a few minutes and tuning along with your breath.
  • Turn to plea when you want support or assistance.
  • Join the Manifesting Challenge !
  • Remain aware of your finances to help attract having plenty .
  • And when one does get into your Zen family room, be sure to cultivate the sensation you want!

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Manifesting Is An Art

If you’ve had any confusion close to manifesting, I hope these do’s and don’ts have helped clarify things for you.

I want to wrap up this post with a brief excerpt from Super Attractor about what manifesting really is…

Manifesting is the creative process of aligning with the energy of the Universe to co-create an experience that elevates your spirit and the spirit from the world. Manifesting isn’t regarding getting; it’s about becoming. The more you let go, the more you become a match with regard to what you desire.

I hope this serves you.

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