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How To Train Our Brains With John Assaraf

Really excited to be here with John Assaraf and everyone that is part of our community is big law of attraction and secret fan. And so I’m sure everyone is familiar with John and John’s message and John’s story. We have the Brainathon coming up, and we’re going to learn about how to train our brain to create what we want in life, right?

Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, everything that we’ve ever created on earth. Anything we’ve solved, every problem starts with something that’s going on in our heads. Right. And so I’ve been fascinated with the brain. I’ve been fascinated with, what creates our thoughts. What’s the difference between thoughts and thinking? What’s the difference, between beliefs? What are habits? What are the mental faculties of the brain? And I’ve just been fascinated with that question. I just want to understand more about how to use my brain better.

And it all started when I just had to learn how to overcome feelings. Like I wasn’t smart enough. Like I wasn’t good enough. Like I wasn’t going to achieve success in my life. And tracing it back to where did that come from? Because there isn’t a child that’s born with. You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re not worthy there, isn’t a child born with that belief or that pattern.

The Science Of Brain-A-Thon

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So I just got really fascinated with trying to understand, at least what science can share with me. And lots of answers are coming up now and that’s the exciting part, right? So many answers about the brain are coming up and there isn’t a human being ever in two and a half million years of humans being on earth and 110 billion people having been on earth. There isn’t anybody who was born with a user’s manual for the brain.

So… There’s so many people that are a fan of the law of attraction and the secret. And you rarely hear people talk about the brain, but you hear people talk about affirmations or visualizations or your subconscious mind. How is there a tie in between, visualizing. How, does that type of work affect your brain?

I love this topic. When we have a goal or a vision for what we want to achieve, and we close our eyes, or even with our eyes open, we see ourselves, we experience ourselves achieving that. We know from all the latest brain scan, imaging research and technology. We know that the occipital lobe part of the brain, a big part of the brain activates when we are engaging in that reality. Even though we’re imagining it, we know that there’s something called the nucleus accumbent, the motivational center of the brain lights up like a Christmas tree and releases dopamine and releases all these feel-good chemicals.

And we know when that happens, the left prefrontal cortex, the brain lights up and what’s that? Well, that’s the part of your brain that your GPS that connects to all universal intelligence. It’s the Einstein part of the brain that can figure out… How can I make this vision, this goal that I have no idea how to achieve, how can I actually make that happen?

Assaraf Discovered How To Change Brain Patterns

So the functioning of the brain, when you’re visualizing, when you’re emotionalizing, and feeling what it’s like to live in that new reality. You start to develop these new patterns in the brain that don’t exist for most people. And when you repeat those patterns, two times, 10 times, 20 times, 50 times, a hundred times, 500 times, your brains pretty smart. It says, Hey, listen, you’re doing this a lot. Let me just make that a normal subconscious pattern. And you don’t have to think about it anymore. I’ll just run that program. And that’s where the magic happens.

So that’s, what’s happening in your brain when you’re listening to a hypnosis or an affirmation diligently for a long period of time, that’s the science behind the law of attraction.

So, you know, if you think about your biceps and you can write with your arm and you could paint and you could pick things up and you could hit somebody. And that’s the function for your bicep. Where you can’t do the same thing with your leg easily. So every muscle has a different use in our body together. They work to create a body and you can walk and hike and bike and talk and eat and all that stuff. Well, let’s talk about our brain.

Brain A Thon Date

A Manual For The Brain

Our conscious part is a muscle just, just for argument’s sake, just as a neuro muscle. So the conscious part of the brain is responsible for deductive reasoning. Do I want this or do I want that? Um, do I want to go here? Do I want to go there? So it’s your software of imagination. So I want to imagine what it’s like to go to Paris and to be on all the gondolas and to have a little baguette maybe a cigar.

So I can use my imagination. That’s a mental faculty, a conscious function. But the conscious part of our brain isn’t responsible to regulate my heartbeat. It is not responsible to divide my cells, to create new cells as 10 million die off every second. It’s not responsible to grow my hair. That’s the subconscious responsibility. So there are responsibilities and different neuro muscles for different functions.

We’ve never been taught that and the Neurogym reviews say that’s what we need. So if the job of the conscious mind is to choose what I want, but it’s a job of the subconscious mind to make it happen. Long-term it requires consistent energy to develop habits. You don’t have to think about it because it wants to conserve energy. So there’s the mechanics of how the brain works. Then when you just, you know, how use it better? You start to be in flow.

You start to work with how things are supposed to be instead of trying to lug around a hundred pounds of weights with you everywhere you go. And everything’s really hard for you. It’s hard because most people don’t have the right process. They have the tool, but they are not using it the right way.

Why You Are Not Attracting

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So when someone says a law of attraction or visualization doesn’t work… Is what’s happening, the reason that it’s not, is it because there’s old neural connections that are firing and old ways. And then the new connection, as it forms, that’s why it feels like a battle.

So, so let’s think of it like that. And then let let’s understand patterns in the brain. So the brain has got pack 50 different brains going off, any given time, alpha beta theta, Delta gamma combination of every second. Brain is in a relaxed hypnosis state, mostly alpha, we gave it Delta and maybe even some gamma.

We can deactivate beta and move more into an alpha state, which is a more receptive state. But what happens with the law of attraction people think, well, think, believe in you’ll achieve. Okay, well that might be phase one, but if everything is a thought and everything you believe on that superficial level became true, most guys would be women. Because that’s what they think about most of the time. And most people would have everything that they don’t want happening all over the place.

So let’s get a little more sophisticated than hopeful thinking. So let’s say that. I asked you, do you think you have the ability to make a million dollars? Yes. Yes. So he declares, he consciously thought about and declared, but what if underneath? That’s conscious.

You constantly answer that, but let’s say underneath, because of years of conditioning, you might have this little voice that goes, but, but I’m not good enough to do that. I don’t have the skills. I’m not really smart enough. What if I fail? What if I disappointed my fiance?

What if I succeed and fail? What if I’m embarrassed? What if I’m shamed? What if I’m ridiculed? What if all that happens? While that’s happening underneath you say, yes, I can. If you have one part of your brain going, yes, I can. And this other part of your brain going… what if that other stuff happens. You have chaos in the brain. And a brain in chaos will default to what’s comfortable.

John Assaraf Brainathon Tip – Overriding Neural Patterns

So it’ll default to an old neural pattern.

Yes, a brain chaos will default to what’s comfortable. Your existing patterns. The whole key to getting the law of attraction to work is to get coherence in the brain. You get the conscious thinking, imagination, part of the brain connected to the feeling emotional part of the brain. The beliefs, the habits, the perceptions, the behaviors, the emotional management that activates certain circuits in the brain. If you can get coherence in the brain, then that means a hundred trillion, little cells, little robots, vibrate, and oscillate at the level of the coherence.

So let me put it in a different way. Let’s say you want to hear rock and roll music and we’re in San Diego now and you go, well, okay. Rock is at 95.5. Well, what if you go past 95.5 and get just a little bit of static. If you go a little bit too far, you might have, rock and roll, or you might have jazz at 95.6.

So from a branding perspective and just creating coherence in the field that we’re all in. If you could lock conscious and non-conscious, and then activate behavior. Now we are in resonance. We’re on harmony. But if you’re off the Mark, it’s just wishful thinking.

People say, well, it’s wishful thinking. It’s wishful thinking for you, because you don’t understand the process. Learn the process. This also means that you don’t just say, think, believe, achieve, and I can do it. And all that stuff.

The Law Of Consumption

john assaraf law of consumption

You want to make a million dollars. Well, there’s laws of earning money. There’s a law of exchange. Money is a means of exchange. I’m going to give you X. You’re going to give me, Y we used to use coins, chocolate, livestock, grains to exchange. Can you fix my shoes? I’ll give you some milk. Hey, will you, uh, take this chocolate? I’ll take your kid down to the apprentice we use as a means of exchange. If you want money, you have to understand the laws of compensation.

If you don’t understand the law of compensation, I don’t care how positive you are. For every level of money that you want to make, whether it’s 10,000, a hundred thousand, a million or 10, there’s a way of thinking. There’s a way of feeling. There’s beliefs. You need to have habits, you need strategies, tactics that you have to implement to garner that exchange. And if anything in that loop is out of whack, that would be like me saying to you, you have $10 million.

It’s $10 million in my safe, right there, here are the numbers to open up that safe and you go and try, What’s the order in which the numbers have to be? Oh, you mean to have to be in the right order? Yes, it has to be in the right order or the safe doesn’t open up. So mindset, skillset, and action set have gotta be aligned. And then you’re in flow.

So the goal is coherence versus chaos. Coherence and harmony is in flow. Right? One time I heard somebody say that the brain and the nervous system are really an electronic switching board. It’s your brains electromagnetic switching station.

We See With Our Brains

Everybody’s watching us right now. A hundred trillion cells are vibrating. The light from my body is traveling through the lens and being caught. If there was a snake over there. A snake wouldn’t see a body, a snake would feel our energy field. So we are allowing light through our eyes. Our brain is deciphering. What this thing called I’ve learned. This is a body I’ve learned that this body’s name is I’ve learned everything about this. So we are hearing sound waves that are being put to our brains processor to understand, Oh, that’s music. That’s my fan. That’s this that’s that?

When I eat, when I hear, when I see, smell, taste, touch, those are all inputs. That’s inputted into the brain. The brain is electromagnetic switching and that causes certain emotions and fields. So when someone says that you don’t see with your eyes, because your brain sees. Your eyes, just allow light through it.

Okay, that’s empowering then, because someone can say, Hey, I want to make more money, right? Like, we’re here, we’re talking about your Brainathon which we’ll invite everyone to check it out. I was on it last year. It was amazing. And someone might be listening to this. And they’re saying, whether it’s a soulmate or more money, or what have you we get stuck in what is consciousness.

And one interesting thing about your work is it makes you be able to see that if you don’t even see with your eyes, then that number in my bank account or the empty side of my bed, it’s not actually green. It’s what is it actually? What is that result? It’s not real. Is it? Because you don’t see with your eyes.

Change The Movie At Brain A Thon

Change The Movie Brainathon

The visual that I like to give teams, as we’re talking about eyes. Imagine you’re sitting in a movie theater and you’re watching a movie on a big screen in front of you and you don’t like what’s happening on the screen. You don’t go to the screen and scratch it out. If you want to change the movie on the screen of what you’re watching… go change what’s happening in the projection room. What’s on the disc. So not only are we getting input in through our eyes, but we’re also projecting the patterns of our brain onto the canvas.

If you don’t like how much money you’re making, change the F$#@ing program. If you don’t like the relationship. Change the program. Sorry for swearing. I’m so passionate about this.

People think it’s happening out there. There is no out there. It’s in here, it’s one field. So you’re only seeing what you’re conditioned to see. You’re only experiencing what you have conditioned yourself or have been conditioned to see. Change, what the projectors projecting out. When you talk about visualization, when you start to visualize in here and you see yourself having being, doing, giving, becoming, receiving, and you play that movie out in here, it suddenly shows up out there because it’s always been there, but you just been blocking it out because of the way the brain works.

The brain doesn’t allow this stream of consciousness for everything that’s happening in this room. We’re absorbing about 400 billion bits of information per second, but we’re only aware of a fraction. Your brain distorts or deletes everything that doesn’t match the internal map you already have. Change them out. All of a sudden the channel changes.

So it’s like when someone starts having a little bit different thoughts. And then all of a sudden they see the opportunity that has always been there, but they never noticed because the brain was deleting all those things.

Experts On Neuroplasticity

That’s the kind of stuff that, you know, it’s that exciting. That’s why I got so excited. I started learning this during 35 years of real estate, real estate, real estate. I had no idea, but I started to see myself. I started to visualize an affirmation and do a whole bunch of that stuff. Now the technology has gone through the roof.

Think of someone who says, I I’ve used that, or I listened to that hypnosis, or I visualized, or I do my affirmations. How long does it take? Is there any type of science behind how long it takes your new neural connections to form?

New neural connections form all the time. So it’s called neuroplasticity. We’ll be talking a lot about that on the Brainathon. I’ve got some world renowned experts on neuroplasticity.

So think about this. If I ask you to put your little pinky in the socket right now. Right now, most of you will say, I’m not doing that. Why? Well, because you’ve already done it before. Or, you know from somebody that it hurts. You form a real strong neural connection by putting your finger in a socket because it hurts really bad. So that’s what it is, a neural connection.

How To Interrupt Your Brain

Neuroplasticity Change The Brain

A painful neural connection and experience, is it real or imagined? The subconscious doesn’t know the difference. So if you are focusing on what you don’t want, you’re reinforcing the neural connection you don’t want. But if you start to create a new neural pattern, a new belief, you have it. A new behavior, a new, a new environment, a new lifestyle, and you reinforce it in a variety of different ways. The brain requires some curiosity and novelty, okay. In order to keep that neuroplasticity switch on. So if you listen to the same affirmation every day for three weeks, your brain is going to have gone to sleep five weeks ago.

What you want to do is change things up. What are all of the ways to access the non-conscious or subconscious brain? And how do we condition it in a variety of different ways? So is this a good book, yeah, that’s a great book. But so is visualization. So is affirmation. So it’s subliminal programming.

There’s, there’s about 10-12 different ways that you can activate different parts of the brain. And then there is an interrupt pattern. So it’s novel, it’s creative, it’s creating curiosity. So in everything that we teach, it’s a matter of trying things, it might not work for me, maybe it might work for you.

Think about this. I could do a curl to build my bicep. I could do 20 different things to build my bicep muscle, but why not my neural muscle? Why not look at what are the tools available and which one resonates best with me. At Neurogym we call this Innercise, by the way. When you’re building neural muscles, we call it Innercise, physical muscles, exercise, neuro muscles Innercise. Innercise that’s my new book coming out next year.

Keep Your Brain Engaged

So we look for different ways to make sure that people stay engaged, to make sure people are curious, to make sure people are, doing what they should be doing in different ways, different intensities, different frequencies. So we can keep interrupting the brain.

It’s like this. If you do five pounds of curls every day for a year, you’re going to probably be stronger. But if you do five pounds for two weeks, then five and a half pounds, seven pounds, and then nine pounds, you’re going to get stronger, right? Whether it’s cardiovascular system, lungs, bicep, muscle, shoulder muscle, legs, whatever the case is. Well, the brain is the most powerful tool in the universe.

So that is exciting, you know, it’s cool when you hear it really broken down. Even people that are doing the work, eventually you run up with those old patterns. So it’s nice when you hear someone like John Assaraf, that’s putting everything together.

How John Assaraf Created Brainathon

Neurogym Reviews

I have a couple of last questions that I wanted you to share about what the Brainathon? I was on it last year.

So I was fascinated with all this stuff. We’re just talking about, I want to know, how does this work? Can I get it to work better? How do I get rid of fears that I have about not being smart enough, not being good enough? How do I get rid of limiting beliefs that I have? How do I overcome? You know, any of the stuff that everyone has? Is there a science answer?

So I started, I hired some of the top brain researchers and neuroscientists in the world. And what they shared with me was just… Holy maceral, I got to get this to the world. So I started a company called Neurogym four years ago to be able to do this and to be able to share what I’ve just shared with you. I learned from the researchers, and then I created my company because of that, because it was so powerful.

Then I decided a few years ago to do a Brain-A-Thon where I bring some of the smartest people in the world that can also explain stuff. Explain stuff like… If I have anxiety or depression and I’m stressed out and I don’t feel like I will ever do well, what should I do? There’s a lot. If I’m feeling like I’m too old or too young life has passed me by, or life is just beginning for me. And I have these limiting beliefs, what should I do? We know what to do.

Top Experts At Brainathon

So I brought these neuroscientists to our studio each year. And then we’re doing another one this year, where I interviewed Harvard Sweeney Boston, one of the top psychologists and neuroimaging experts in the world, Shelley Carson, one of the top experts in the world and using the creative brain to become wealthy.

Dr. Heidi Hanna, the expert on stress, and how to turn stress into the fuel for success. Dr. Jeff Spencer, who has helped 40 Olympic and world champions, win gold medals and championships, on developing the mindset of a champion. Sarah Makai from Oxford university, PhD on how to fire your brain, rewire, world class people.

It’s free. It’s all day. You can come for two hours or eight hours. And we teach this kind of stuff and say, Hey, here’s what’s going on. And we also bring in clients of ours. This year, John White, who was depressed, not making enough money. In debt 90 grand, started by watching the Brainathon, applying some of the stuff that he learned. He works at Facebook now, six figures a year, not depressed, got custody of his kids he’ll be on camera. And these are just some of our great Brainathon reviews.

John Assaraf Shares Brainathon Success Stories

60 year old woman, her husband died. They spent all of their money on trying to beat chancer. She didn’t have a job and she was making $7,000 a year. She couldn’t make ends meet. She watched the Brainathon, applied what she learned, she’s cranking out 10 to $12,000 a month.

We had last year, we had Kat Robert Books, 80 years old wedding planner on Kauai’i, thinks her life is done. Okay, she’s done, the sun’s gonna set the sales done. Her business was going under, she watched the brain-a-thon applied what she learned. $243,000 in income last year.

Story after story, after story and we’ll have about five or six, them. Young, old, Caucasian, Asian, white, black, makes no difference. Get the brain working right, life works.

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