Precisely why We Feel Poor?

Think of a time when you experienced guilt, shame, failure, or rejection. Whether it was due to another person’s view or your own, just how did you feel? It felt bad, correct?

Circumstances like these can often make you feel unworthy, embarrassed, angry, and uncomfortable.

These feelings surface as a result of our upbringing and the encounters we had during our own childhood and all the way in which up to adulthood.

Why does this particular happen?

Our brains procedure two million bits of information every 2nd. However , our mindful mind can only hold seven chunks of information at a time. We procedure this through the five senses. The rest of the information is kept in the subconscious minds.

Throughout our early existence, the interpretations we make about this kind of situations can get stored in our subconscious thoughts. Starting from our delivery till the age of 12, the positive or negative associations a child builds up with the surroundings stay with him or her for the rest of their lives.

For example , think about how you were treated as a child.

  • Were you consistently told which you were wrong?
  • Were a person told that you were dumb and was missing intelligence?
  • Did you have to take care of other people involuntarily?

These types of experiences can impact the way you act as an adult.

However , that will doesn’t mean you cannot change your perception of things after a certain age.

The good news is that being an adult, you can nevertheless shift how you respond.

An excellent example is if you apply for a job. In case you are rejected it can impact your self-esteem. You may beat yourself lower thinking there is something wrong with you or perhaps you aren’t good enough. When those thoughts emerge, remember that it’s not regarding you. There are many internal factors that you may not have to get aware of that could have influenced the decision.

If you had been rejected, there is possibly something better out there for you (or you were meant to run your own personal business 😉 ). Remember that the universe works for you, not towards you.

In the moment, everything can feel magnified. Remember that every moment, every single situation, every feeling shifts, if you allow it to. The things you have been telling yourself throughout your daily life don’t necessarily have to be your reality.

We are the particular co-creators of our actuality.

When you are in lower feelings (fear, doubt, frustration, worry), it can become hard to get past that mindset.

Tell yourself…

“ The universe is working with me to create my reality. ”

“ No failure, only feedback. ”

“ There’ s something better and it’ s coming to me personally. ”

It’s ok to wallow for a second but after that, you should shift your attitude.

The subconscious mind depends on sensory output and doesn’t understand the difference between real plus imaginary. It is like a machine, so you are usually in charge of giving it the right process.

NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnotherapy, affirmations, and INTERNET (Neuro Emotional Technique) are effective ways to alter your subconscious brain.

Within adulthood, strive to deal with the situations and work on self-improvement. If you don’t, limiting beliefs turn into a part of world view which, as far as I know, won’t get you to want to go.

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