Outbound Call Centre And Its Metrics

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To understand what is an outbound call center and the metrics of this kind of call centres, you must understand what an outbound call in the very first place is.

So What Is An Outbound Call?

The call that you recently received from any salesperson, who tried to market his product or service is the easiest example of an outbound call.

By definition, an outbound call is a call made by a contact centre, usually to a customer or other organizations. These might be calls like telesales, sales, fund-raising, surveys, and verification calls.

The call centre agents will make these outbound calls for any business or customer from an outbound contact centre.

A call centre may deal with either outbound or incoming calls exclusively, or even each together. And the metrics for people two types are different and hence success rate is also calculated by different methods.

Any small business which will not like to spend much upon having their internal contact centre outsources those providers provided by these call centers; this is generally termed as outbound call centre outsourcing.

One important aspect to get a business to choose an outbound call centre is increased sales and customer service. In order to achieve this, the call centres must equip themselves with a solid strategy.

Effective Outbound Calling Strategy

Dialling Process-Based

The dialling design template will be depending on your business requirements, for example scheduling a monthly call to remind the customer to pay their credit card expenses.

The software works in a way that it reads the preset parameters, and forecasts an agent’ s availability using data such as typical call handling time, and connects to that agent whenever they are available.

Additionally, it does connect to the real estate agent only if a human being attends the call since the answering machine detects the human voice, busy shades, beeps, etc .

Scheduled Call Back

For bills like credit card, insurance premium, telephone, etc ., some customers might request the agents in order to remind them through a contact to make that payment.

And customer loyalty is received when they feel that they are heard. Fulfilling a customer need would enhance that loyalty. So to do that the agent should schedule a call to notify them regarding the bill payment.

If scheduled therefore , the dialer will automatically place the call on that particular day, thus providing enhanced contact productivity.

DNC Compliance

Within outbound calling time is the essence. Agents should be spending time on converting qualified network marketing leads rather than wasting their period on calls with unsuccessful leads.

To attain this do-not-call feature should be used. This keeps a list of DNC numbers that will be filtered out from the leads list and ensures that those amounts are not included in the campaign.

Reports and Analytics

For every company to make a well-informed decision, data-driven reports are a must. With an outbound calling software, you will get features to generate reports of several kinds which could be used by the business for analysis.

Agent productivity record, call details report, and so forth, is used to analyze the call high quality and performance of the providers.

By using this kind of reports, businesses can figure out how the customer reacts to their services and how satisfied they are. Furthermore, it would help to define or even change the outbound calling strategy.

Outbound Call Centre Metrics That Should Be Tracked

Key Overall performance Indicator(KPI) is the indicator that is used to measure the success associated with any business. These indications are to be observed to achieve the proposed business goals.

Such KPIs for Outbound call centres are the following.

Average Handling Time

Sustaining a minimum average handling time is essential. Who doesn’ t like to close a deal with just one call?

But it just doesn’ to come easily for some businesses based on the service they provide or other factors. Identifying trends that work for your business and applying them is an important step.

Conversion Rate

Your business’s income is directly dependent on the conversion rate metric and hence makes this an important one.

A high conversion price means more sales plus better business. If not, analyze where it’ s missing, the agents might be creating a larger number of calls yet fail to close the deal, which increases the cost per business lead.

Call Forgotten Ratio

Think about yourself receiving a call, and when you attend, it’ s not connected to the agent immediately but kept on hold for a while, what would you do?

Obviously, anyone would cut the call; this increases the call abandoned ratio with all the possibility of the business losing a potential customer by outbound contact centre outsourcing.

Hence the call routing company should be set with parameters so that the customer will be connected to the agent immediately rather than waiting.

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