My New TV Show: Absolutely no Limits Living

Delighted New Year!

You may have heard I have a new online TV show; signed an offer for weekly shows for all of 2022.

It’ t called “ Zero Limits Residing . ”

It airs each Friday.

The show appears in the lot of places, through Apple TV to Amazon Fire to Roku to YouTube and more. It’ s i9000 also on the LuxeTV app, which you can download as you please.

I’ m told audience are mainly entrepreneurs, but that doesn’ t stop me from speaking about beliefs, mindset, woo-woo, spirituality, Stoicism, Law associated with Attraction, marketing, copywriting, publicity, coaching, or whatever I feel is useful.

My goal is to bring fire and lighting, and sometimes lighting ning , to help people awaken to “ Absolutely no Limits Living. ”

You can watch all the shows as they are usually produced by going to Zero Limits Living TV . You can also sign up there to receive a notice when a new display is posted.

You also can watch our shows as they are usually produced, and other displays sponsored by Luxe Media Studios, on

Expect Miracles!

Ao Akua,

Dr Joe

PS -You can still get the “ 3 applications for $3” deal:

Thank you

I love a person

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