Make Words, Change Your Life

Have you ever considered the power of your words and phrases?

Every word we speak has an energy behind it whether you realize it delete word. Many of us are using affirmations plus we’ re trying to reframe our negativity, but we all still get caught during these verbal stories of mayhem, and fear, and drama, and judgment, and attack. And the words that we make use of carry so much energy therefore much power.

I’ve been known to quote A Group Called Quest when I say, “Occasionally curse to get my point across. ” I love a good problem word to emphasize my point but I often drop sight of how the word might resonate energetically. Even if the intentions behind our words are well meaning, the word itself offers power. Therefore , we need to begin to choose our words a lot more wisely—especially now.

When you’re disagreeing about politics, religion, money, what movie in order to watch… anything really, it can create a lot of negativity within your relationships. So I often like to suggest that we slow down plus take a beat before we all speak. I do this with the awesome akronym, W. A. I. T. —“Why Are I Talking? ”

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In that minute, when I sense that our words could affect other people, I silently say Watts. A. I. T and stop myself before I allow my words get the best of myself.


After asking yourself to W. The. I. T., the next step is to think about the two Rs.

The first R is to redirect, which would you should be simply redirecting the discussion. Like, “Why don’ t we focus on what we’ re cooking for dinner” or “This funny point happened with one of the children today. ”

The other Ur would be to really just let the other person rant. Occasionally people just need to get it out and have a full expression of what they’ re feeling. When you let somebody rant, eventually they hear by themselves talking and then they’ re bored of themselves speaking, so they stop.

Try it at your next family function once the tension gets high on the dinner table. I guarantee you (and the whole family) will be glad for it.

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Several years ago I was looking to buy a new home. It was a stressful time and I went around informing everyone how difficult it was to find a place. So much episode. I started to realize the strength of my words—and the fact that they were keeping me stuck in this negative story developing so much more chaos around the real estate property experience.

I decided to change my whole conversation and use elevating words. Like, “we are finding creative options for our home” and “we are manifesting the home of our wildest dreams. ” Altering the dialogue around the discussion allowed me to elevate the power within that experience.

When we choose empowering words we can redirect our thoughts and energy right into a more positive vibration. The same way you’d redirect a negative conversation with a friend, you’ll do this with yourself .

Consciously choosing high vibe words will boost your energy, shift your mood, and open you as much as creative possibilities.

I challenge you this week (and beyond), to look at the areas of your life where you may be using a conversation that’ s not helping you. Perhaps you’re afraid about the future, or sensation negative about your job, or simply frustrated with the way you’ re feeling in your body. Exactly what words are you using that are contributing to this inner dialogue and the low level vibes and low level power? Then, start to change the discussion, change the language.

Change Your Story, Change Your Words, change Your life Quote

It doesn’ big t mean that you are faking whatever you believe. You’ re simply reaching for words plus stories that are more uplifting.. This will shift the language and allow you to lean on a conversation that’ s much more zestful.

Get into a space of actually owning what it is that you are saying. Change your story, swap out your words and you will change your life.


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