Make Manifestation a Multisensory Experience

We all have days when we do not feel great. Days when we just want to eat a tub of your favorite ice cream in bed, crawl within blanket, curl up into a ball and sleep off our emotions. Sometimes you know the real reason for your sadness plus gloominess, other times, you are unable to quite put the finger to it.

This is completely okay. It really is normal. It occurs.

Nevertheless , if you are looking to manifest your desires, you’ll need to shift your emotional state.

Among the things that I do to shift my way of thinking is tap into our 5 senses. By utilizing your senses, you will train your brain to focus on something other than the negative thoughts you’ lso are experiencing.

Here are ways to tap into your 5 sensory faculties when you’re sensation bad:


To trigger touch, take an epsom salt shower or soak the feet in epsom salts for 15 minutes.

Epsom salt is a normally occurring mineral salt, made up of magnesium plus sulfate. The salts can help stabilize mood and anxiety. According to one study, magnesium has been found to improve serotonin (also generally known as happy chemical, accountable for regulating mood) amounts in the brain.

Touch is among the most stimulating plus intimate senses of these all. When you contact an object, your skin cells experience the shape, dimension, and texture of the object.


Visualize your self receiving all the things you would like – your dreams, desires, goals. Live, feel, and breathe all those visuals as if they have already happened – the best house, six-figure bank-account, a loving partner.

Press the things you do not want out of your mind and make area for the ones that count.

Our brain contains a region called Reticular Activation System (RAS) that filters the thoughts so only the necessary information will get through. Visualization may not be similar to “seeing, ” however , when you visualize something, you build a mental picture of it in your brain. RAS thus filters out only the visualizations that you concentrate on.


Sniff a bottle of essential oils or rub a drop on your throat or wrist to soothe your nervousness, and can help you loosen up.

Pick an essential oil or smell which you find calming and employ it when you are stressed. Your brain will associate the particular fragrance with rest and will help you relax your mind and entire body.


Listen to crystal singing bowls or frequency music.

These types of seems can be soothing and meditative. If you experience discomfort, it may be because there are some discordant energies your body needs to function though – this particular a good thing, embrace this and let it move!


Food is medicine, especially when you eat the right kind!

Avoid junk or processed food as they are high in fructose corn syrup and MSG – products that block neural pathways and result in depression.

Other food such as dark chocolate contains use of plant substances with anti-oxidants which help sustain intellectual abilities, memory and attention. If you do not such as dark chocolate, try fruit and veggies such as apples, fruit, broccoli, and onions.

The law of attraction doesn’t work without actions.

Next time you’re not sensation that great try 2 or more of the exercises. It will help a person shift your state to be and feel better.

A few other reminders:

  • You control your energy plus vibration.
  • High vibes will help you attract what you wish.
  • Others, situations or points can impact you, but you have the power to recenter yourself.

Let me know how it goes!


My name is Geraldine Convento. I’m the serial entrepreneur and influencer that applies the principles from the Law of Attraction to my life and businesses. You can find myself on Instagram, YouTube or contact myself through my site.

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