Losing Weight With Hypnosis? [What the Research Says]

We are going to break it all down we’re gonna look at some of the actual hard line research they have done Studies on this we’re talking about what hypnosis is in general and we’re gonna give you some of our recommendations on whether or not this should be something you should look into as an effort to help you lose more weight and actually keep it off I know you’re gonna learn a ton get out your pen and paper take some notes and let’s dive on in.

All right so let’s start with the basics what is hypnosis and a very basic level what hypnosis is is a clinical practice of inducing a different and altered state of consciousness where the brainwaves slow down and we’re a little more suggestible meaning when things are recommended to us our brain is a little more in this subconscious deeper state so suggestions can be implanted in our brains and this can actually help shape our identity in our subconscious identity which then in turn can go shape our behaviors so the idea behind hypnosis is we can induce this deeper state where the brain is very suggestive we can go and work on some of the subconscious patterns that happen in our brains and then that might shape our behavior moving forward so this is the first key distinction the goal of hypnosis is to shape our behavior by altering our subconscious it’s not like you get hypnotized and your metabolism automatically goes 10x and you start burning fat it’s really helping us adjust our behaviors which as we know from a weight-loss perspective it’s really a behaviors game it’s about habits and sticking to those habits long-term.

So if you have gnosis can actually help us stick to our diet long term it’s going to help with weight loss so we’re gonna cover the research and what actually shows next so what are the benefits of hypnosis well what some of the research does show is hypnosis can’t help some people stick to their diets long term there is not a single hypnosis study that shows that hypnotic gnosis helps with the weight loss without diet and exercise modification worth saying again hypnosis will not help you lose weight if you don’t change your diet in your exercise in fact what the studies do that compare the effect of the effectiveness of hypnosis they take two groups of people one does diet and exercise one does diet and exercise plus hypnosis and that’s how they compare and guess what both groups lose weight the hypnosis group tends in most cases to lose a little bit more and keep the weight off long term a lot of this initial research came from the 80s and there’s one particular study that was working on people with sleep apnea they took 60 people on sleep apnea and they studied them over the course of around a year and they found that both groups lost weight except over the coast of the 18-month follow-up they have no success.

So in the initial study period both groups lost comp or weight but the hypnosis group continued to lose weight could this be do the effects it if notice helps to rewire some of their brain patterns and keep to be more accountable I think so there’s been other studies that show that people who do hypnosis have lower levels of hunger and they stay on track with their diets more so the benefits are greater adherence to your diet alterations some of your brains neural patterns which means you might stick to that plan over the long term but hypnosis in itself is not gonna help you just shed magic pounds or really influence your metabolism that being said hypnosis does have an actual biological benefit in that it relaxes your brain gets you into these deeper brainwave states and can help you decrease stress and as we know it’s very hard to lose weight when your body is in a stress State if you’re not sleeping enough if your cortisol levels are very high so if if gnosis has an effect of lowering cortisol then it can actually work on a biological perspective in helping us lose more weight over the long term but again we will link the studies below in the description the benefit of hypnosis when combined with diet and exercise is modest at best and it seems like it’s more of an adherence behavioral thing than it is a short-term amount of hypnosis can help you lose a ton more weight it cannot help you unless you modify your diet in your exercise

Of course we have lots of great resources linked below on our free meal plans or free workouts so if you’re interested in actually figuring out what kind of meal plan workout do I need to start with before I consider something like hypnosis there’s links below in the description I know you’re gonna love that stuff now a couple other things I think are fascinating when researching this topic so this video is it seems like there’s a both a gender in an age effect for hypnosis first off women tend to be more influenced by hypnosis than men which is actually a really good thing that women have the ability to be more suggestible and getting to these deeper states where hypnosis can do the work to start to do the rewiring so as a whole this is not making individual differences saying you’re gonna be more or less suggestible because you’re a man or a women but as a group aggregate women are respond better hypnosis and as we get older we tend to respond better hypnosis as well so there’s some people are just more suggestible to hypnosis so you could go try this and it may not work for you at all or you.

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