Lord Is Preparing you For any Major Breakthrough

I’m going to share with you three unexpected and surprising signs that God is definitely preparing you for an enormous breakthrough. It’s happening to a lot of people in the world right now, and they’re unaware that it’s occurring.

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The first sign is that occur to be having a breakdown of regular in your life. And this is basically an explanation of your status quo. So the stuff that have become comfortable, normal, familiar, they are uprooting. It’s dropping apart. It’s totally ramming. Eckhart Tolle says in his book, A Great New Planet, that all structures are unpredictable and all structures are made out of our ego. They all collapse at some time.  

And it’s really all part of the journey of our own self realization and awakening to our own divinity and connection to God. From this, we come through an earlier part of our stage where we’re living from our ego and we’re trying to amount everything out.

god is preparing you

We build this particular comfortable pattern, and eventually we all get to this point where The almighty just smashes it all straight down. It looks so terrifying in our life. And the truth is that will God, isn’t trying to break you. God is trying in order to shape you. God’s not trying to kill you, he’s aiming to rebuild you. God’s endeavoring to give you more blessings. The particular universe is trying to update your life.

However the thing is, you’re keeping such a small container that it can be got to smash the entire pot so it can give you a bigger mug and that’s because life is taking place for you, not to you. When you’re seeing these things starting to kind of fall apart, take a deep breath. Let it go and let God and know that the universe is certainly conspiring on your behalf.

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Sometimes it has to have bad elements happen so that really good issues can ultimately happen.

The next sign that God is preparing you for breakthrough is that you simply asking why is this taking place to me? It’s the matrix associated with consciousness. It’s the conceptual level. It’s a level of our pride that is believing it’s a target to life circumstances. So it states, why is this happening in my opinion?

  And it’s a condition pattern in our culture. Why does this always happen to me? This is a sign that will God is bringing this to the surface so it can smash it and proceed you from victim in order to Victor, from reactor to creator.

It can bringing it up so it may move you out of victimhood. And it can help you. There is an effective universal force that you can demand that can orchestrate God and direct your life. There is a miracle working presence that not only moves through you and is always available to you and is always focusing on your behalf. It is you.

god is preparing you

It’s in every single cell of your body. Every atom of your body is vibrating within harmony with this miracle operating presence of the universe. You need a bad victim moment to ensure that God can break that will apart and enter a person into a whole new frame of consciousness, where you recognize your true nature.

The universe is focusing on your side. I ask you to do is start repeating to yourself, “I am worthy of everything that I want”.

The 3rd and final sign is the fact that you’re seeing all these uncommon, often small, repeating coincidences in your life over and over and over. You never really noticed them before. You never really seen him that often. And all of an abrupt you’re seeing them everyday now.

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Maybe it’s a repeating number. Maybe when you fall something at the store and you also bend over to pick it up, you overhear a conversation and somebody is talking about this business idea that you considered it in your head. Maybe you actually want to date a specific person and you also keep hearing their name in different places throughout the day.

These little symptoms are that something huge is about to happen or something big already has occurred. And it’s a reminder that you must make a decision, a choice to say yes, to move in this direction, not to move in this direction, and also to move confidently in the direction of your own dreams.

god is preparing you

Henry David Thoreau said, “move confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to reside the life that you have imagined plus success will meet you in common hours. What does which means that? Common hours? It means it will just come to you away from nowhere. You have to say yes to the universe and your desires in order for it to show upward. When it does, it will seem like it came out of nowhere.

So keep your eye open. Keep a smile on your face. Take a deep breath in and out. Say, I am blessed above measure. Today is going to be a great day. The universe will be conspiring to improve my life. Life is happening for me. Not to me personally. I am a victor, not really a victim. Things are getting better every day.

Say thanks to so much for being here.


Miracles are normal.


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