Loneliness is an Illusion

There has never already been a time when you had been truly alone, no matter how ‘ lonely’ a person felt at that point – Sheena Shah

Many people are evolving into real multidimensional beings, plus there are definitely instances when we are feeling vacant, disconnected, and even declined or abandoned. This can usually mean we are about to take a step in energy to a greater expression of ourselves. As interesting as that sounds, it can be profoundly unpleasant.

But remember this, we are in the powerful time that is encouraging us to liberate ourselves from your old ways of getting. There are shifts in energy occurring inside us that are needing us to have the trust and trust enough to let ourselves expand into brand new aspects of life, even when they are unknown in order to us.

Shifting that will creates expansion

These feelings of disconnection are the indicators that we are integrating new energies into the body/mind. Just as electricity in a house needs to be shut off in order for brand new wiring to be put in place, we may feel the disconnect from Source energy while we have been in the process of integration and before we expand into brand new creative levels of appearance.

Finding a place of neutrality and balance within us during times of outward upheaval becomes vitally important to our well-being. If we try to protect ourselves simply by contracting energetically in the face of challenging frequencies, we are able to feel as though we have been cut off from our Spirit and its guidance system. For me, this leads to all sorts of old panic patterns to surface.

Merely allow myself to operate the chaotic power I see in the world through my energy system, a downward spiral can develop which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and alone. It is during these times that this reading this line simply helps me center myself, reminding myself of the truth of my existence — that I am constantly receiving God’s love, that I am never alone, and that our connection to Source energy is only a breath away. It is only when I start to breathe more deeply and slow down that I can actually feel more alignment with my Source power.

Finding My Source

When I feel dilemma and a sense associated with disconnection, it’s my clue to surrender to the process of adjusting that is going on inside me, rather than attempting in vain to get the old connections that no longer exist.

We are getting into new levels of awareness very quickly now. The faster I forget about the old ideas about how exactly I am progressing, the simpler it is on our nervous system. Regardless of how hard I attempt to box them in to old forms, the energy connections are very different in feeling. We are being inspired plus guided in brand new ways that can change moment to moment. It is a powerful opportunity to learn how to treat myself along with loving-kindness and to rely on more.

Everyone is experiencing this particular opening in their very own way, so our ability to stay natural and balanced within our hearts is extremely important. The consciousness of the Planet and all those living upon her will be expanding and progressively more filled with Light. Whatever is not in alignment with this expansion can be showing up to be transmuted.

The good thing is that we are being influenced and guided via this process of development by the Divine Existence of Love, permanently caring for us, usually present, offering all that we need to fulfill our Soul’s purpose in each moment. And we are never alone, no matter how we may feel temporarily.

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