Legislation of Attraction And The Truth About God

God. What exactly is it? Alan Watts says, “you can’t keep wet from the word water” so you can call it up whatever you want. But it comes with an omnipresent, infinite, eternal cleverness. I call it a work intelligence. It’s not only in every thing. It is everything. Let’s talk the truth about god.

Every cellular of your body, every single atom in physical matter, and more appropriately described is all actual matter is this energy.

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We used to think we lived within a Newtonian model of physics. People still operate with this belief system. It’s wrong. This particular Newtonian model was that all of us believed we lived within a physical universe and bodily things. Everything that could be recognized with the naked eye that was reality and energy was this kind of unexplainable phenomena which was caused by physical matter.

Albert Einstein showed us that energy and matter are identical thing. So then you go, well, what are these atoms? They’re 99% empty room. At the core everything is 99. 999% empty space. What is that empty space? That it is spirit. It’s God, it is energy. This is the truth regarding god.  

truth about god

It is this divine cleverness. It’s vibrating basically in such a pure frequency associated with light that we can’t find all of it. 99% of my figure, 99% of everything that you want, 99% of the chair you’re sitting down on, is empty area. It’s divine light, it’s divine consciousness. It’s Our god. It is spirit vibrating at a frequency that is outside of the spectrum of visible light which our eyes can see. and that the brain is conditioned to believing since reality.

This can be a very small bandwidth of actuality, and there is an omnipresent awareness. We now know from technology that this energy or power itself is never developed or destroyed. I’ll utilize the word God and energy innerchangibly personally. So we understand that everything in this universe is simply energy and that there is just one originating source of this power. It’s already infinite in nature and omnipresent in nature. So every single cell of your body has this pure frequency of Our god.

This purely unlimited spirit energy is definitely flowing through your consciousness and you give it form with your mental faculties, with your imagination, with your thinking. It channels inside and through you and you give it form. How Our god manifests itself in your life is really a bunch of different frequencies, yet it’s everything.

Therefore one of my favorite statements would be that the divine miracle working presence flows in and through me. The divine wonder working presence flows within and through me. When the divine miracle functioning presence flows in and through you, then what does that mean? All the blessings from the universe can just start flowing into your life once you recognize this.

truth about god

So what I invite you to do is to think about that phrase right there. The divine miracle working existence flows in and via you and organizes all the activities of your life. The divine magic working presence flows in and through you and sets up all the events of your life. So if the divine miracle operating presence of wellbeing is every single cell of my body, then I must be a totally work being and this creative push of the universe, this limitless power of God is actually on my side to improve my life.


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This universe is really a friendly place in that The almighty, this universe, this higher power, it is actually conspiring on my behalf to make my life better and better. This is because it is infinite in character already, and I already are one with it. So it’s just seeking expression of more amazing miracles through you. That’s what’s happening. That it is so amazing.

I invite you to make this statment your affirmation just to drill it into the subconscious. Say “The divine magic working presence flows within and through me plus guides all of my activities. ” God is in your favor. Life is happening for you. Never to you. God is not trying to break you. The world is trying to shape a person into the divine amazing being that you really are.

truth about god

You are worthy of what you would like. This is the truth about god because every single cell of your body is this divine frequency. So you’re worthy of everything else out there. You’re good enough. You’re smart enough the way will be made for you, but you should raise your level of awareness to see yourself and God through this lens of probability and love and sufficiency and ever expansion.  

You’ll be amazed at the things that you can accomplish. You may amazed at how many things you can see right now and think about and wish and how they come into your lifetime and the other beautiful ways that the universe will bless you far beyond that which you can ever imagine whenever you recognize this divine miracle-working presence flows to plus through you and governs your whole life. Thanks for tuning to the truth about god.

Wonders are normal.


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