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Open your eye to the world around you. You just may find out something. It will create your decisions much better, your relationships more powerful, and it will transform you into a more educated person. Being open-minded doesn’t require a major investment of your time but instead, a fresh new state of mind. It requires you to become a sponge — getting details from various sources, searching for input from people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, plus evaluating that insight based on its merits rather than on whether or not it conforms for your state of mind . Do you have a mind?

Open your eye. Being open-minded enables you to:

Expand your horizons. Challenge your thinking by embracing differing viewpoints instead of limiting debate in order to like-minded people.

Enhance your decision making. Evaluate your options from every angle rather than being predisposed to one method of looking at things.

Expand your relationships. Market teamwork by being respectful of others’ differences rather than becoming judgmental and intolerant.

Challenge the status quo. Move forward positive change simply by encouraging debate and buy-in instead of leading by command word and control.

Build trust. Encourage reasonable and objective decisions rather than subjecting the process to your private bias.

Enrich your personal growth. Remain open-minded to personal feedbac k rather than repeating mistakes because you failed to learn from them.

Find the optimum solution. Create a number of good possibilities to choose from rather than settling for the 1st right answer.

Have the truth. Search for the truth by listening to opposing fights and letting other people challenge your views and opinions.

If being open-minded is so advantageous, exactly why doesn’t everyone embrace it? For some folks, being closed-minded is really a routine — they’re uninterested, misinformed, and dismissive of fresh viewpoints. Getting closed-minded may also be the effect of an entrenched attitude of intolerance or prejudice . Are you open-minded? If not, leave the door open to this.

Do You Have An Open Mind?

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