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I’ m excited to statement that my lengthy awaited new guide will be coming out later on this month. It’ s called Karmic Marketing: The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History . It discloses how to become a “ Wealth Magnet” by giving. (You can pre-order this on Amazon right now. This releases November twenty two, 2021. ) I’ ve been speaking about Karmic Marketing because the late 1990s. Here’ s my blog post on it from 06\:

I have been mentioning Karmic Marketing for a decade or more, since close to 1995. It’s about time that I explain what it means.

Here is a quick definition:

Karmic Marketing is usually giving now understanding that in some way, shape or form you will be obtaining later.

Here’s how functions:

You’re rewarded instantly when you give due to the good feelings you get. Those feelings resemble magnetizers which will attract more good feelings.

You’re rewarded afterwards because of the invisible legislation that says you will definately get from giving.

I handled on this topic within my books, Life’s Missing Guide plus Religious Marketing (1997) , but I didn’t look at it from a good in-depth Karmic Marketing perspective.

So allow me to give you an example or even two:

At Un-Seminar II, I offered everyone a duplicate of the DVD of the movie The key .

I bought the DVDs out of my very own pocket. I did not ask any money to them. I didn’t expect any money for them. I actually gave from the sincere desire to reveal.

Afterwards that same evening I received an email from Rhonda Byrne, the producer associated with The Secret . She mentioned she was delivering me, as a present, a box associated with 50 DVDs of the movie.

That’s almost two times as many DVDs when i gave out.

That’s Karmic Marketing.

From one point throughout the event, I magically turned a move of life savers into a hundred dollar bill, and then offered the money to an shocked woman in the market.

I actually didn’t ask for everything in return.

Two days later, that same woman questioned me a question in front of everyone that allow me to plug my next Further than Manifestation weekend.

That plug led to my making two thousand dollars in a single minute.

That’s Karmic Marketing.

The idea is to give freely, out of your heart, wanting to reveal and wanting to assist, and not expecting something in return at all in the people you are doing it for.

You simply trust that your good deed will come back to you tenfold, on time, in some surprising plus wonderful ways.

I practice Karmic Marketing right here on the Internet by giving people things that I believe they are going to love, such as a good e-book, or a course, or an audio, or a coupon.

On one degree it strengthens the relationship.

But on the hidden level, it starts a spiritual flow.

Our giving now — done from my heart, with no expectation of return in the people I am doing the work for — leads to getting later.

Exactly why don’ t more people practice Karmic Marketing?

Karmic Advertising is not done a lot because too many people are into survival.

They are afraid to let go.

To trust.

These are desperate and they remain desperate because of this insufficient trust in life.

But once you let go and rely on, you step into a flow that is wealth itself.

This very weblog is Karmic Marketing at work.

I create posts here about whatever I want, performing my best to entertain, educate, inspire plus inform. No one pays me for this. I could make more money writing the sales letter or perhaps a book or a website.

But here I am, writing for you.

What comes to myself as a result of doing this?

Increased company.

Increased sales.

Increased fans.

Sometimes an Amazon . com gift certificate .

But I’m not performing it for the end result.

I’m performing it because I want to.

Because I enjoy.

Since I love you .

Ao Akua

Later on


Note: You can pre-order Karmic Marketing and advertising on Amazon at the moment.

Bonus: Here’ s a from 2008 exactly where I briefly talk about Karmic Marketing, having a nod to advertising legend Dan Kennedy:

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