Just how Changing Your Shop Layout Can Earn You Money

Bright light open plan shop floor

Do you own a shop that’s getting a lot of foot traffic, but not making as many sales as you’d like? This is a common problem among business owners, also it could be your store’s layout that’s to blame. Here are some things to consider when rearranging your store’s layout. These changes may seem simple but could have a real impact on the bottom line.

Get The Help From the Professionals

If you’re completely trapped and have no idea where to begin, why not get in touch with professionals? Classic Duo specialises in store layout, among other services, which will help you get your shop set up to succeed.

Get Your Floor Plan Right

If your ground plan is wrong, you’re doomed in order to fail right from the very start. Your floor plan helps to keep up with the flow of feet traffic around your own store, as well as exhibiting your wares within a flattering manner. A great floor plan will allow your customers time and space to browse and will show off your items in the best possible gentle. Meanwhile, a bad one will cause congestion, and leave potential customers frustrated and stressed out.

There is no single floor plan which is inherently better than all of the others. The plan you choose depends on what kind of wares you’re selling, and exactly how much space you have in your store. Unless you have much area, you could opt for a straight floor plan, that allows you to make the best of your own space. If you have more space, you could use a loop floor plan, which encourages customers to walk around it in a certain predetermined path.

Eye-Level Is Buy Level

Whatever is in your own customers’ direct eyelines is going to sell. Therefore , you need to think carefully as to what you put at attention level in your shop. Cheap, low-profit products should be kept reduced on the shelves. In the meantime, profitable items needs to be placed at attention level. However , be careful not to overload your vision level shelves with items that are too costly. No matter how desirable they may be, they could be out of the cost range of many shoppers.

Rotate Your Displays

Don’t just leave all of the same share out on the floor year-round. Repeat customers can get bored if they find the same items go to after visit. Instead, keep things fresh by moving products around, bringing brand new stock from the back onto the floor, and so on.

Attract The Senses

Most store managers are completely obsessed with aesthetics, and aesthetics only. While visuals are certainly important, focusing only on them means you will miss the bigger picture. You need to excite many senses to make a trip to your store an enjoyable one. Music is really a common way that stores keep shoppers interested, but additional things you can do to activate the senses of the guests. Making your shop smell a certain way, allowing your clients to get hands-on with the merchandise, and – if you own a food store – permitting customers to flavor samples for free are all ways of using detects to make sales.

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