Is definitely Morality a Thing of the Past?

In the good old times, people embraced values for example hard work , playing by the rules, plus living with dignity and integrity . Perform parents still pass those people values on to their kids or are they too busy in order to parent? Do leaders nevertheless notice how they’re influencing their followers or are they too self-absorbed to also care? Do successful individuals still care about how they will win or do they only care that these people win? In other words, is morality a thing of the past?

Is living a dignified life still upon anyone’s radar or is that so “yesterday”? What happens whenever moral character and residing a virtuous life turn out to be an afterthought rather than concern number one? I find unfocused attention and disinterest to this issue incredibly troubling. Is values a thing of the past?

What happens when bending the rules, breaking the law, and cheating to win become common? What happens when demanding rewards, stealing the credit, or basing a promotion on unimportant criteria becomes standard cost? What happens when people cut in line, exempt themselves from the rules, or game the system without consequences? It’s disheartening. It is demoralizing. It’s like living in an upside-down world by which immorality is the new values.

Some people have got gotten away with “murder” for so long,

they’re convinced that wrong could be the new right.

When someone breaks the rule, deviates from suitable norms, or commits the crime, people focus intently to see what will happen. Will they get caught or even walk away? Will they obtain reprimanded or receive a complete? Will the punishment be just or unfair? When truth and fairness principle the day, all is nicely. If not, some people may voice their discontent and demand justice, while others mimic the rotten behavior because “those folks” got away by it. They rationalize their considering with six lame standard excuses:

  • “The only thing that matters is winning. ”
  • “The end justifies the means. ”
  • “If they obtained away with it, so can I. ”
  • “It’s only one time. ”
  • “No one will discover out. ”
  • “Everybody does it. ”

Before you know it, that which was once considered unacceptable becomes commonplace.

Knowing What’s Right Isn’t as Important as Carrying out What’s Correct

Even though “good people finish first” was once a common precept, what appears to be trending now is that unethical, illegal, and immoral behavior is being ignored, covered up, and even sometimes rewarded. Would you like that to be the new regular — or should we all reexamine things?

Is it too much to inquire people to follow the Golden Rule , parent their kids, and obey legislation? Is it too much to request people to tell the truth, maintain their commitments, and earn their rewards? Is it excessive to ask role versions to live an honorable existence and lead by instance?

There will continually be liars, cheaters, and thieves. The key is that they must pay out a price for dishonest and immoral behavior. Period!

Actions have implications. So does inaction.

There’s a huge difference between right and wrong. And it’s the job of decent, law-abiding citizens to indicate that reality to those who may have forgotten.

Listed here are 15 guideposts to serve as reminders:

  1. Kindness and compassion should be the rule of thumb.
  2. Advantage isn’t demanding more of other people; it’s expecting more of yourself.
  3. You are free to choose, but you’re not really free from the consequences of those choices.
  4. Breaking the law will be illegal. Period.
  5. Truth is not an option. It is a necessity.
  6. Your commitment should be as joining as a contract.
  7. Hard work should be a celebrated virtue.
  8. Free conversation and debate are essential in our search for the truth.
  9. Folks who prescribe tolerance need to take their own medicine.
  10. Fairness should be undeniable, and justice blind.
  11. Rules should affect everyone .
  12. People should earn trust and respect rather than demand it.
  13. Parents should be able to reprimand their kids without getting reprimanded.
  14. Everyone must have an similar opportunity to live the American Dream. Everyone !
  15. People shouldn’t obtain what they need ; they should get the actual deserve .

Is certainly Immorality the New Morality?

I know people who have achieved fame and lot of money in spite of their unscrupulous ways. I’m sure you do, too. They think they’ve defeated the system, but I beg to differ. They know how they achieved their “success” and others know as well.

Are they proud of the way they became successful? Can they feel great about just how they dealt with others along the way? I think not. The sad truth is that whenever these folks stare at the ceiling in the dead of evening, they know how they rose to the top. While they had the talent to achieve greatness, the right way , they decided to live the disgraceful life. While they might have all the spoils of success, they’ll never have the sensation of accomplishment that comes with this.

The true incentive for living a good lifetime isn’t the fame and fortune that comes with success, but instead, it’s knowing that you earned it the right way. In other words, it isn’t really only that will you won, but just how you won.

Do You Think Morality Is a Thing of the Previous?

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