If you were to think You Can’t, You Won’t

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What describes your way of thinking? Are you more likely to say, “Why them rather than me? ” or “If they can get it done, so can I? ” Your answer to that question will either motivate you to reach new heights or discourage you from even trying. If you believe you can’t, you won’t.

Whenever you believe that something can be done, your chances of achieving it are greatly enhanced.

On the other hand, some people genuinely believe that success is beyond their reach and use that reasoning as an excuse never to try. Instead, they spend their valued time pointing fingers, making excuses, and complaining that life isn’t fair — because it’s easy. The others are so afraid of failing that they lower expectations to shield themselves from embarrassment in case they do. Last, there are those who allow themselves to be conned into believing that folks “like them” don’t stand a chance. So sad!

Your mindset determines whether you have the wind at your back or

face headwinds that hold you back.

The Sky Is the Limit

We all compare ourselves to others. However the way that we compare ourselves varies wildly.

Are you constructive? Some folks say, “If they can do it, so can I. ” They try to emulate the behavior of successful people.

Are you destructive ? Other folks say, “Why them and not me? ” They let anger and resentment get the better of them. Instead of researching ways to build themselves up, they look for methods to tear others down.

Once you believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to, your faith will give you strength, hope, and confidence. You’ll have confidence in your ability and remain steadfast and determined and soon you reach your final goal.

Conversely, when you believe that others hold an unfair advantage and that the cards are stacked against you, this belief will discourage you from making the effort. Instead of taking the bull by the horns and accepting responsibility for your destiny, you’ll fail to make the private sacrifice, put in the work , and make the commitment required to succeed. In fact , you may even throw in the towel before you begin — and then blame others for your misfortune.

If you fail to try, you’ll succeed in failing.

Think of individuals you surround yourself with. Do they bring out the best in you or are they holding you back? Do they inspire you to achieve greatness or do they drag you down and wear you out? It’s a very important factor for you to decide not to take to, and quite still another for others to rob you of the possibility. You have the ability to achieve anything you want in life. Don’t let anyone let you know otherwise.

The One Who May be Holding You Back Is You

You can achieve great things, however, you must be willing to try. That will require work, sacrifice, and determination. Of course, there will be challenges and obstacles for you yourself to overcome. But the capacity to achieve your goals is completely within your control. Your frame of mind can work for you or against you. Why handicap yourself and make your lifetime more difficult than it has to be? Failing woefully to achieve something is excusable; failing to decide to try is not. You can blame others all you want, but the real path to success lies within yourself. Don’t throw it away. The one who might be holding you back is you. If you believe you can’t, you won’t.

If You Believe You Can’ t, You Won’ t

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