I have Started a New Podcasting called “Hope Your Day Doesn’t Suck”

Hello there Get Busy Living listeners. I’ ve got bad news and good news. The bad new is This going to be the final event of this podcast. The good thing is I am starting a brand new podcast that is reside right now called Hope Your Day Doesn’ big t Suck.

We started the Get Busy Living podcasting back in 2014 and it’ s introduced me a lot of joy over the years. I’ ve really enjoyed each episode I’ ve pushblished. I’ ve gotten emails from listeners all around the planet telling me how much they have enjoyed the particular podcast and that meant so much to me. We appreciate all of you who have been listening to the podcast whether it’ s since the beginning or just recently.

Episodes of the Get Hectic Living podcast it’s still available if you desired to go back and listen to the older shows.

I’ meters not done podcasting but I wanted to begin a new podcast. I would like to have a fresh start.

I’ m excited for this brand new podcast and wish you’ ll sign up for me.

It’ s a podcast similar to Get Occupied Living. I’ m at a point inside my life where I’ m still figuring it out. There’ s still a great deal to learn about me personally. I know there’ t so much more than I can do in life and I want to figure out how to obtain the best out of me. I’ ll end up being sharing what I learn along the way on the podcast.

Episodes are usually live now so go and look for it wherever a person listen to podcasts you can also go to  hopeyourdaydoesntsuck. com

Thank so much for being a listener of the Get Busy Living podcast and I’ ll see you over at the brand new podcast.

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