How To Limit The Chances Of Injuries Or even Accidents Occurring

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Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of people suffer avoidable accidents – many of which result in an injury. In a minority of instances, these injuries can be incapacitating in the long term. But even if these people aren’t, it’s still worth taking simple steps to restrict the damage.

Let us look at a few of the places where accidents might occur, and find out what measures we might take to prevent them.

In The Workplace

Based on the Health and Safety Executive, 64, 427 workplace injuries were reported under RIDDOR in 2019/20. The overall cost of injuries plus ill health stemming through working conditions, moreover, was £16. 2 billion.

Having a system designed for reporting accidents in place allows employers to identify points associated with weakness and address them. As with everything else in business, it’s possible for mistakes to occur – but if they’re repeated, it’s a sign of systemic failure. In this instance, the failure can lead to avoidable pain and struggling which might lead to legal repercussions. Personal injury solicitors are able to take action on behalf of workers who’ve suffered an injury in these circumstances.

The most sophisticated bit of safety equipment in any place of work is the human brain. Training employees to be able to identify potential causes of accidents ahead of time, and inculcating the right procedures, will help these to avoid accidents themselves. The sight of a trailing cable connection, for example , should provoke pangs of outrage in any sufficiently-trained worker.


Road protection statistics reveal that around five people die on British roads every day. As the pandemic might have limited this particular figure, it’s still worth taking steps to guard against the problem.

Making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy will certainly limit the likelihood of an accident. Inflating tyres, and regularly checking the tread depth, will ensure that your vehicle can grip the road sufficiently. Among the biggest determiners of the severity of an incident is the speed at which the particular vehicles were travelling. Braking distances increase exponentially the faster you’re travelling – so keep your speed lower.


You might hear it said that a majority of accidents take place in the home – but that is only to be expected, since all of us spend the majority of our time at home. The kitchen is where safety-consciousness should be paramount. Invest in a fire-extinguisher and make sure that your smoke alarms work. Don’t keep stoves unattended, especially if you will find children or pets within the household. Any potentially dangerous tools you have should be kept somewhere out of reach. As in the particular workplace, forming the right habits can make your home safer than it would otherwise be.

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