How to become intentional co-creator and manifest the life that you desire?

by Agne

Yes, yes it’s true – intentional manifestor, because you are a manifestor whether you know it or not, and you are manifesting all the time whether you are conscious of it or not. The same as juridical system says “ignorance of regulation excuses no one” meaning that one is bound by law even if one doesn’t know about this, the same principle is definitely applied to the law of attraction. If you improper use the law of appeal, you will not get a great or a prison phrase, what you will get are actually things, circumstances plus relationships that you DO NOT REALLY WANT. You create adverse outcomes and undesirable things. It has might be accounted for by the fact that the law of attraction is impartial. So again, how do you switch off automatic manifesting and take hold of the particular steering wheel and direct it to your destination?


Understand how the law of attraction works. Start studying it. Get interested and become its hardcore student. Knowledge will be power and this understanding will change your life in the ways you cannot also imagine. If you feel you would like to take it to the next level, enroll in a mentoring program. It will be the best investment you will actually make, because you are investing in your life and your future.


Get clear on what you wish. If you don’t know what you want, you will end up getting everything you don’t want. It is like you going to do your groceries without a list: you will end up buying everything, but the things needed most. Furthermore, if you keep changing your mind about items that you want the World will get confused and your vibration will become diluted. Imagine yourself putting an order in a coffee shop – “I would like a Latte please”, one 2nd later you include “No, actually I would really prefer an Americano”, since the waiter starts walking away with your order you shout away “Changed my mind: please get me a Cappuccino”. You would obtain a confused look from the waiter and a polite invitation to make the mind.


Change your focus in the unwanted things to the things that you want. Where your own attention goes is where your energy flows. Law of attraction can be impartial which means this doesn’t make any difference in between positive and damaging outcome. It reacts to your vibration, not to your wants. No surprise I hear people say all the time “why did I reveal this; I did not want it? ”. In my opinion you didn’t, but you placed all of your interest on it. In every circumstance you can either focus on the presence or on the absence of your own desire. Be mindful and present in order to catch yourself if you drift off towards the wrong direction.


Become unconditional – I get it – you don’t have a job, your spouse has cheated you and left you, your dream house got sold to somebody else, the stock market crashed, you were not appointed to the project you were hoping… you may have all the legal rights in the world to be miserable, angry, jealous, irritated and disappointed. In case you place your focus on the outer world, you will keep encouraging the problem not the answer. Not your dreams, not your eyesight, not your desired outcome. You will keep reacting to the outdoors conditions. If are focusing on the circumstances that you will be in today, you are becoming conditional . Manifesting always means living your vision no matter what. It means ignoring the outside world and directing all your energy to your dreams.


Switch your phrases and thinking from unfavorable to positive. It is going to make you fuel your energy the right way. What you say imprints your unconscious mind. Your mind at all times latches onto the most important word in the expression, so do not say – “I don’t want to lose my job, I do not need to have debts, I no longer want to be in unhappy relationships, I am afraid I will lose my keys, I hope I will not be late”. What your conscious and subconscious thoughts hear is – “Lose my job, I – debts, unhappy relationships, I actually lose my keys, I am late”. Say instead – “I want to keep our job, I want to are able to afford, I choose to be in joyful relationships, I must meticulously handle my keys, I will be on time”.


Be selective about your atmosphere and people. Make sure that the energy flows freely in your home, because your home can be extension to your power field. Everything that a person surround yourself with should be helping you to get closer to your dreams and goals. Are you experiencing clutter? Do you have items that no longer serve you plus connect you to days gone by energies? Past associations or past pain? Do you have things that literally make it difficult to get from one place to another, do you have images, items that make you annoyed or uneasy relatively? Get rid of them or pass them onto others.

Be selective with whom you spend period and people you discuss your ideas with; your counter intentions sometimes come from the people that are close to you. Listen to strengthening things, watch empowering videos, go to higher vibrational places, speak with people that inspire you, lift your spirits up and encourage you to go after your dreams and objectives. Be in relationships that support your growth and personal development.


Take care of your body . You definitely heard of body thoughts connection. When it comes to manifesting, your body will possibly contribute to raising your own vibration or decreasing it. You choose. If you are active, rested, hydrated, eat clean you take care of your soul’s home – the body and you make it your ally in manifesting. Therefore move that body so that it may generate happy bodily hormones, spend time in nature, in fresh air, so you align with the flow of nature, do a couple of grounding, sleep so that you wake up full of energy rather than exhausted and getting no energy to start a new day, drink plenty of water and eat clean higher vibrational food. Meditate. Your energies and your vibration will escalate.


Watch your personal talk . What you say to your self, you whisper this to the Universe. A person generate around sixty to eighty thousands of thoughts per day. The investigation has shown that as much as 80% of your thoughts are the same as the day time before. What are these people? Are they positive or negative? Do they inspire you or even do they bring you down? Is it about you being unlimited or limited? Perform they encourage you or do they stop you and limit you? Whatever it is that you say, you are imprinting your depths of the mind that in its turn seeks to convey what you put presently there. Every day you are conjuring self-fulfilling prophecies therefore better make them great ones!


Intentional manifesting can be so much fun – you will enjoy the process of carving the life of the dreams. Intentional manifesting can be so effective – now you realize that you are a co-creator and you can manifest anything you desire. Intentional manifesting can be so life-changing – now you know that things do not just occur to you – a person invite them to your daily life. Happy manifesting!




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