How to be a Wealth Magnet

The latest book, Karmic Marketing , became a #1 bestseller the very day it was released.

The next day, it hit yet another top seller list.

And the day and then, yet another.

What’ s interesting is the fact that I didn’ to even try.

I told my followers through email and social networking; the rest was a natural response.

Why has every profitable person in history – from

Seneca, Ford, Carnegie, Barnum, Rockefeller and Getty in order to Bezos,

Musk, Entrance, Buffett and Zuckerberg – used this particular secret?

The book reveals how to be a “ wealth magnet. ”

The secret is pretty questionable, even if it’ t been proven throughout history to work.

Go get Karmic Marketing on Amazon today in hardcover, book or for your Amazon kindle reader.

And – Expect Miracles!

Ao Akua,

Dr Joe

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