How Repetition Affects The Subconscious Mind!

Hey, what do you want to do? Seedot same thing? We do every night pinky try to take over the world. After studying the various mystical religions and different teachings and systems of mind stuff, one is impressed with the fact that they all have the same basic modus operandi and that is through repetition. The repeating of certain mantras, words formulas or just plain mumbo-jumbo. One finds the same principle at work in chants incantations litanies daily lessons, also the frequent praying of the Buddhists and Muslims alike, the affirmation of the Theosophists and the followers of unity, the absolute true New Thought, divine science. In fact, it is basic to all religions, although here it is white magic instead of black magic. This brings us to the law of suggestion through which all forces operating within its limits are capable of producing phenomenal results. That is, it is the power of suggestion and Auto suggestion, your own to yourself or hetero suggestion coming to you from outside sources. That starts the machinery into operation or causes the subconscious mind to begin its creative work, and right here is where the affirmations and repetitions play their part. It’S the repetition of the same chant, the same incantation, the same affirmations that lead to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. This is the same identical force and the same mechanics that Hitler used in building up the German people to attack the world. A reading of mind camp will verify that dr

Rene Thor, though a famous French psychologist explained it by saying that Hitler had a remarkable understanding of the law of suggestion and it’s different forms of application. It was with uncanny skill and masterly showmanship that he mobilized every instrument of propaganda in his mighty campaign of suggestion. Hitler openly stated that the psychology of suggestion was a terrible weapon in the hands of anyone who knew how to use it. Lets see how he worked it to make the Germans believe what he wanted them to and once that belief took hold how they started their campaign of terror slogans huge signs, posters masked flags appeared throughout Germany. Hitler’S picture was everywhere: one Reich one folk, one leader became the chant. It was heard everywhere today we own Germany, tomorrow, the entire world, the marching song of the German news came from thousands of throats daily such slogans as Germany has waited long enough to stand up. You are the aristocrats of the Third Reich, Germany is behind Hitler to a man and hundreds others bombarded the people 24 hours a day from billboards sides of buildings, the radio and the press. Every time they move turned around or spoke to one another. They got the idea that they were a superior race and, under the hypnotic influence of this belief, strengthened by repeated suggestion. They started out to prove it. Unfortunately, for them there were other nations who also had strong national beliefs. That eventually became the means of bringing defeat to the Germans. Lets go into the field of sports, where everyone who has ever witnessed a football or baseball game has actually seen this power of suggestion at work. The late Knute Rockne famous coach at Notre Dame knew the value of suggestion and used it repeatedly, but he always suited his method of applying it to the temperament of the individual team. A story is told that on one Sunday afternoon Notre Dame was playing a particularly grueling game and, at the end of the first half was trailing badly. The players were in their dressing room, nervously awaiting the arrival of Rockne. Finally, the door opened and Rocky’s head came in slowly, his eyes swept in them over the squad. Oh, excuse me, I made a mistake. I thought these were the quarters of the Notre Dame team, the door closed and Rockne was gone puzzled and then stung with fury. The team went out for the second half and won the game in the Depression years, and there may be years like them in the future. We saw this same suggestive force working overtime day after day. We heard the expression times of hard businesses pour the banks of failing prosperity, hasn’t a chance and while stories about business failures on every hand and all they became the national chant, millions believe that prosperous days would never return. Hundred just thousands of strong-willed men went down under the constant, hammering the continuous tap tapping of the same fear, vibratory thoughts, money always sensitive, runs to cover when fear suggestions begin to circulate, and business failures and unemployment follow quickly. We heard thousands of stories of bank failures, huge concerns going to the wall and people believe them readily and acted accordingly. There will never be another business depression if people generally realize that it is with their own fear, thoughts that they literally create hard times. They think hard times and hard times follow. Dr

Walter Jill Scott, eminent psychologist and longtime president of Northwestern University told the whole story when he said success or failure in businesses caused more by the mental attitude rather than by mental capacities. Lets consider charms, talismans, amulets, Goodluck pieces, four-leaf, clover’s old horseshoes, a rabbit’s foot and countless other trinkets, which thousands of people believe in by themselves. They are inanimate, harmless objects without power, but people breathe life into them by thinking they do have power, even though the power isn’t in them per se. The power comes only with the believing, which alone makes them effective. Outstanding illustrations of this are found in the stories of Alexander, the Great and Napoleon in Alexander’s day. An oracle proclaimed that whoever unloosened the Gordian knot would become ruler of all Asia. Alexander, you may remember, with one stroke of his sword, cut the knob and rose to tremendous heights and power Napoleon was given a star sapphire when he was a child with the prophecy that it would bring him luck and someday, make him emperor of France. Could it have been anything but the supreme belief in the prophecy that carried these two great men to a place in the Hall of Fame? They became great men because of their super-normal beliefs. Here’S a simple experiment that will demonstrate to you the strange power of attraction through visualization, making the mental picture actually work to find a few small stones or pebbles, which you can easily throw locate a tree or a post of six to ten inches in diameter. Stand 25 to 30 feet away from it start throwing pebbles at the tree trying to hit it if you’re an average person most of the stones will go wide of their mark. Now stop and tell yourself that you can hit the objective, get a mental picture of the tree, figuratively stepping forward to meet the stone. Imagine the rock actually colliding with the tree in the spot, where you want it to strike you’ll soon, find yourself making a perfect score. Don’T say it’s impossible. Try it and you’ll prove that it can be done. If you will only believe it.

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