How I Healed My Food Addiction

In March, at the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed my foods fear starting to come up once again. It hadn’ t already been there for more than a decade—and then all of the sudden I regarded those feelings rising towards the surface.

At the time, many people were in a panic mode… storing up supplies and hoarding food. My brother and sister-in-law were living with me and am started to get nervous they were eating all the foods. Everything was so not known surrounding COVID-19. We did not know how long we’d become quarantined. I began to notice those old fear styles around not having enough foods. And that was a clear sign of an unresolved core concern being brought to the surface—the feeling of being out of control along with food (and out of control in general).

This fear all started shortly after I got sober. I turned to food an additional way of numbing out. Whilst I was eating healthy foods, I was overeating as a way of not really feeling. And you can have an unhealthy habit with food, even if the food is good for you. I might eat way past feeling full … sometimes also eat two dinners.

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Those foods were a way of avoiding feelings of sadness, discomfort and pain. Meal planning became a way to control those feelings. But when I acquired sober, I was no longer in control.

Deep down, I understood that it had always been an issue, but it only became crystal clear to me when I was sober—because that made me more conscious of all of my behaviour patterns. The drugs and alcohol were replaced simply by food. I would notice personally feeling sick from being therefore full and bloated at all times as a result of unconsciously eating.

Perhaps you have noticed some of your own foods issues rise up—that you’re turning to food as a way to deal with the stress in your life. Feeling afraid or out of control can spike old behavior patterns, such as turning to food as a coping mechanism.

3 Ways To Start To Heal This Destructive Pattern

Step 1 : Notice It

Become aware of the unconscious. The only way we can change anything is if we bring it to the surface to get healing. We can’ capital t heal something unless it’ s been revealed that healing needs to happen.

Step 2: Release Judgement

Instead of knowing the behavior, be a compassionate witness. Be really loving and nonjudgmental when you notice this arise.

Step 3: Reframe the Negative Pattern

Do something religious in place of the negative pattern. Meditate before a meal, say a prayer before consuming, or decide to chew 30 times per bite to have an anchor to replace the subconscious behavior. All of these tools may interrupt the addictive design.

These three steps are the beginning of undoing the pattern. But what you really need to perform is get to the root result in. Ask yourself:

  • What is it that I’m eating over?
  • What exactly is it that I’m not eating over?
  • What are my feelings within this moment that are causing myself to turn to food?

If you have issues around food, you’re not alone. Up to 70 million people (both man and female) suffer from disordered eating and food dependancy. That means most people you know don’ t eat in a healthy way.

In whatev Gabby with a quote about body confidence and food addiction; finally full er way your food issues pop up in your life, and even if they seem at times to run your daily life, you can create a healthy spiritual relationship with food and your self. If you are looking for some guidance at the moment, join me for our digital workshop on spirituality and food— Finally Full .

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We talk openly about meals addiction and body image issues of all kinds, including my own struggle with food addiction and the wisdom I’ ve obtained from my spiritual recuperation. I’ ll guide you to getting honest and open regarding your issues with food so that you can start healing them.

Real healing of addiction is all about getting to the root cause. Ill help you awaken your link with your inner guidance program so you can begin the process of producing intuitive food choices. Anticipate a powerful shift that will explain to you a new freedom and peace.


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