Holy bible Teaching is EASIER Than You believe

There’s a hidden Bible teaching that’s in plain sight. That sounds very counterintuitive and it’s something that you’ve extremely likely heard before, yet it’s not what you think in any way. This Bible teaching is easier than you think. This can make it so that you can pretty much instantly, otherwise very quickly, materialize your prayers in your life. Today’s a great day time to be alive.

  I can wait to share this with you because it’s going to help you to appear your prayers and speed up the process of you not only obtaining what you want in life, but in order to deepening your connection to Lord, to the universe, and to spirit.

Before I actually share with you those three fast and simple things that you can do very easily, let’s talk about the passage and you’ve probably heard it before. It basically states those that have, more will be given. And to those that don’t have, what they have is going to be taken away from. I grew up hearing that phrase and I was not the religious person. I definitely never thought about the spirituality behind that statement.

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I really never thought about the philosophical nature of some of these theories of Jesus. When I noticed that phrase, when I was younger, it’s one of the more popular phrases I thought it was silly because I thought it was saying to those that have more is going to be given as if God mementos rich people.

bible teaching easier

And to those that terribly lack, even that what they have got is taken away. So I believed God hates poor people which it’s this super judgmental thing called God that condemns poor people and gives rich people more stuff. This just didn’t make any sense to me. I failed to get it. After spending the last many years really diving as deeply as I can into the hidden teachings of spirit, in to manifestation, consciousness, oneness, each one of these things.

I actually re-examined that statement. Earlier science and theology have already been opposing ideas. And so it had been either you believed within science or you believed within theology and spirituality. Well, the ironic thing is this biblical statement is llustrating the observer effect within quantum physics.

We used to believe in a Newtonian model of the world exactly where everything was a world of physical objects, right? And we eventually found out there was this stuff called atoms. Then all of us found out that Atoms are 99. 99% Empty space. So the physical world is certainly predominantly empty space. So what is that saying? Pure energy is spirit. Spirit manifests itself into a denser vibration called form. The researchers found that sometimes subatomic particles would be in existence. They will be visible. They would be observable. Sometimes they would exist and sometimes they wouldn’t. So it was very complicated to them. Albert Einstein called it the spooky technology.

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So the subatomic particles, the atoms would exist and not can be found. So what they found out is that they could be a particle, however they could also be a wave. The wave just meant that it was at a vibration level above visible light. So what that meant was it was power. It was in a vibration or even a frequency level akin to power as opposed to being a particle. Therefore it would be visible or invisible based off of the consciousness observing it. They called that the observer effect.

We know from spirituality and from these teachings that spirit is everything. So God has never created or damaged this universal energy. It could omnipresent. Spirit is omnipresent. Energy can never be created or destroyed. So spirit can never be created or destroyed. That sounds philosophical, but science proves that will now. The reason energy is never created or destroyed is because God is unlimited in nature. The cosmos are infinite in character. All possibilities that ever were and ever is going to be, are already in existence. You just need to start to posess it in your mind.

bible teaching easier

Whenever you possess something in your own mind, it will materialize in your life. To people that don’t have, even that which they have is taken away from them. So if you don’t have an awareness associated with yourself as a divine becoming, and God and soul and the universe as an unlimited, endless, eternal source of wellbeing then you can’t say to that mountain, “move” and expect it to move. In order to entry this power flowing via you, you need to be connected to it on a personal and religious level.

If you fail to ask for what you want by imagining it and seeing this in your mind and giving thanks to God that it already exists, you can never get it. This is what it’s saying. So now I want to give you three fast and simple ways to apply this hidden Bible teaching into your lifetime so that you can manifest miracles.

I always end our email list with “miracles are norma”l. The reason I actually say that is because once you are connected to the understanding and the level of attention that spirit is infinite in nature, and it is just for constant expansion, and that it’s actual awaiting direction from you because soul, then miracles begin showing up in your life. You get all the clients and everything goes your way. Your finances constantly enhance, your health increases. You’re exuding an aura just like and all these great stuff that other people say are lucky. They just come into your life.

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Very first thing is Dwell there initial. The first step to you materializing something through this teaching to the people that have more will be given is you have to have it within consciousness by dwelling right now there in your imagination, because your creativity is how you give spirit direction.

So imagine that you’re already right now there. I imagined my Youtube . com channel going viral over and over and over again before this happened. I would get into the feeling of what it would be like if it actually was happening in real time. I got excited and am would run around the cooking area telling my wife Ashley that I was so grateful my channel was going viral. It seems crazy. But it works.

bible teaching easier

The next thing is to pray in gratitude instead of pleading and pleading. Most people hope as if the universe is this vending machine in the sky and they also just have to beg for what they want. “Please god, if you might only…. please i’ll do anything”. When you’re coming from begging, you’re living in an energy of lack and those that terribly lack more will be taken away. Think about if you prayed to Our god from a place of gratitude plus thankfulness.

“God, thank you for the abundance you flow into my life every day. I love and appreciate my gifts. Thank you! ” See the powerful shift in power there? Imagine what you may attract living from a higher frequency like gratitude with God. Give it a try.

The third and final the first is to let go and let God. The way to let go is just by raising your level of awareness of the truth. That spirit is usually infinite in nature. They have for constant expansion and for fuller expression. Your desires are really an expression of this increased power. So they’re totally worthy, good and probable. Miracles truly are regular. When you recognize that, the stress burns up. You don’t worry. Because you understand everything will come in divine time and it’ll always be what you would like or something better.

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What I do when worry slips in, is I actually say, “thank you that spirit always manifest flawlessly in my life. ” I remember that everything is perfect in placement and timing as well as for my experience. Remember these items and apply them to your daily life! Watch the stress melt away, as well as the abundance and love flow to you.


Miracles are usually normal.


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