Here’s Why Your Business Has to Pay Attention To Air Quality

Office conference room with vents in the ceiling

Because consumers and companies become more environmentally aware, their product selection shifts toward newer, sustainable technologies. In the field of architecture, this is best expressed in the increasing trend of greener materials, designs, and buildings.

While this approach is beneficial to both the environment and businesses, green buildings tend to have much less ventilation, which negatively affects indoor quality of air unless measures like air filters plus air purifiers are used. Here are a few reasons why these measures are important.

What Are The Factors Associated with Indoor Air Quality?

Some metrics used in determining the quality of air in an enclosed space are:

  • Pollutant and odor sources
  • Developing design and upkeep
  • Venting system operation
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Occupant perception plus susceptibilities

It’s Required By Law

All employers are required by law to provide a healthy work environment. This entails maintaining reasonable temps, providing adequate area, and meeting minimum air quality standards which usually requires that enclosed areas need to have adequate ventilation. The fresh atmosphere supply rate at work must be at five to eight l of fresh air for each second. The law also requires that mechanised ventilation systems are usually regularly maintained, inspected, and repaired in the event that need be.

Also, not all industrial sectors are held to the same standards. Within an industrial workplace, workers are exposed to a higher quantity of harmful fumes that are also more dangerous than those in the office setting. These industries are held to tighter standards and are also necessary to perform regular danger assessments and need more maintenance.

It Can Impact the Health of Your Associates

Bad air quality means that your office space has a higher number of air pollutants such as bacteria and allergens. While most people with healthy lungs are only going to be irritated at most, these pollutants can become a real danger to those who have respiratory system issues such as asthma. In extreme instances, poor air quality can also lead to skin and eye irritation, headaches, nose infections, and the lack of consciousness.

Poor air circulation can also increase the risk of microbial and viral bacterial infections in the workplace. This is specifically harmful to your business thinking about the impact that the current COVID-19 virus has already established on every company.

It Hurts Employee Productivity

When team members aren’t within good health, they’re not going to be able to perform their particular roles properly. A study by the American Mental Association found that long-term exposure to polluted air causes a significant decline in intellectual functions.

Studies have also been designed to simulate the office atmosphere and the results are exactly the same – that Co2 levels of 600 in order to 5000ppm (parts for each million) can significantly impair cognitive functions. This is especially true for commercial workplaces that have a lot more harmful fumes compared to average office.

It also comes after that poor employee health will also lead to employee absenteeism.

Ensuring that your work environment has a great IAQ rating is important and not just for the sake of compliance. Controlling air quality is a matter of removing air pollutants from your building, diluting them through ventilation, through using filtration systems in order to rid the air of pollutants.

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