Functions You Should Consider While Buying A Document Cutter

Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer

Paper cutters are indispensable if you want clean and precise paper cuts on a large scale. If you want to trim thousands of papers within the same size and shape in moments a guillotine paper cutter machine is the best option. The versatility and precision of this high quality cutter make it a valuable device for related business houses and large offices.

Since this tool is used for the fastest possible work together with precision, certain features of the particular tool especially its safety measures need to be considered first whilst buying the tool.

Read on to know what functions you should consider while buying a high quality paper cutter or guillotine paper cutter.

Size Of The Cutter Plus Base

It must be your first and foremost concern. Guillotine paper cutters or some kind of types of paper cutters can be found in lots of different sizes. The size element of this tool is considered based on the length of the blade and area of the bottom on which a stack of paper is positioned. There are 12-inch, 15-inch, 18-inch, and many other lengths of trimming blades found in the market. At the same time, consider the area of the base. The particular paper sizes you normally need to re-size shouldn’t end up being bigger than the base. If the base is bigger than the document size you normally resize, you can use the cutter pertaining to larger papers as well.

Quality Of The Knife

Every printing, binding, or resizing individual knows that the quality of the finished product depends on the quality from the blade. They also need to take proper care of the speed of cutting the particular papers and the sustainability from the blades in the absence of regular maintenance. In some offices, the cutter is used ceaselessly for hours and days. So , or else examining the quality of the knife, the cutter may reduce its relevance soon. Most of the common paper cutters are equipped with stainless razor-sharp blades. There are other qualities as well such as D-2 and tungsten carbide qualities.

The Clarity Of The Blade

The blade of the cutter should be sharp enough to cut through the stack of papers at one go. It is that sharpness of the cutter on which the quality of tripping is dependent a lot. If the blade will be sharp, the cutter as well as the human who uses it can be able to work fast with all the utmost accuracy.

Cutting Capacity Of The Paper Cut

The next important thing you should consider is the reducing capacity of the guillotine document cutter you have decided to buy. If you are going to use it for day-to-day office uses like in educational institutions and retail showrooms where lots of papers of equal sizes are required for printing daily, a cutting capacity of 10-15 papers during a period is sufficient. High quality paper cutters are equipped with sharp blades that may smoothly cut a bunch of document including thick sheets quickly. There are also heavy duty blades that may resize more than a hundred papers at a time. You have to choose one based on your need.

Safety Features Of Paper Cutter machine

Working on guillotine cutters has some risk continually as there is a sharp and long blade you use. Occasionally, users need to work on the particular tool for a long time at a stretch along with high speed. This is why you should always take the safety matter of the cutter very seriously. The knife should be attached with a stress spring so that it doesn’t drop unnoticed, it should have a blade latch to lock the blade when not working, and there should a ring finger guard in the tool. If these three parts will there be, anyone can use it with confidence.

  • The tension string remains attached to the blade and controls the movements. It prevents the particular blade from flipping unexpectedly. Tension spring makes the paper cutting process smooth-sailing.
  • As the tool includes a sharp blade, it’s too risky to keep the cutting tool open when not working with it. A blade latch hair the blade and will keep the paper cutter secure. Just see the material of the latch. If it’s made of metal wire, it will stay longer.
  • A little finger guard protects the fingers from slipping to the reducing zone. It’ s not at all times possible to remain alert especially when you are working fast. A finger guard is designed across the edge of the base. Celebrate a barrier between your fingertips and the blade. So , every time you touch the safeguard you become conscious as you know your own fingers are too close to the knife. In some guillotine paper blades, both sides of the blade are protected with protects.

Line Indicators

Maintaining the papers straight is essential to trim the papers nicely. But most people cannot keep the papers absolutely straight that results in faulty trimmed papers. On the base of a guillotine paper cutter directly lines and square places remain market masking the particular cutting job much easier and faster. While buying a paper cutter ensure that the base from the cutter has the required straight-line marks.

Other Aspects

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects such as dimension, quality, and sharpness of the blade, cutting capacity of the paper cutter, safety features, and so on, there are some other aspects as well that you may want to inspect. There is the paper clamp that maintains the stack of documents fixed and paper stop to keep the sheets get rid of. Though you may not find these types of features in every cutter, these types of features make the job easier, faster, and flawless. Customers who need not use the document cutters frequently find these types of parts useful.


While selecting the heavy duty paper cutter for your office or some kind of other purpose keep in mind the particular above-mentioned aspects. To meet your own office needs, you should pay special attention to the safety plus precision of the cut. Examine the size and quality from the blade as it determines the particular sustainability of the paper cutter. After each use, the particular blade should be locked with the latch and kept in the safe and dry location. Last but not the least, the tool should not be over-burdened, i. e. stack of paper to be resized should not be more than the upper limit.

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