Forget about Past Mistakes

Have you made a mistake that you just can’t let go of? If so, thank The almighty you landed about this page!

On this video I show you how to turn your own mistakes into miracles! Watch the video for my explicit directions on how to let go of the past mistakes.

There’ s no such point as a mistake. Everything happens in work order. You’re generally being guided to learn and grow. Once you look at the situations in your life from a place of feel dissapointed, you ultimately miss the opportunity for growth.

To help show you through the process of allowing go of a mistake, follow the 5 training from this episode.

When difficult matters happen, they’re revealing what needs to be cured.

These uncomfortable moments, whether they are global or personal, are revealing what needs to heal. These types of moments are in order to perceive life with the lens of: What can I learn from this? How can I grow with this? How can I shift out of this? How can I lean toward more love? How can I lean into the training rather than the problem?

Let go of the past to become unapologetic about what you need in the future.

When you diminish your own desires, you’re telling the Universe that you simply don’ t believe you’ re worthy of what you want. In this time right now, you can claim your desire. Accept that you’re worth what you desire. Do not let fear get in the way of manifesting what you wish.

Create a safe space for yourself.

Sometimes, putting yourself first is the most loving thing you can do! It is okay to put your own safety and security first. Actually it’s the best way to appear for your relationships and your life!

Prevent comparing your struggling to others’.

We all have our own mistakes, wounds, and regrets. Instead of evaluating your problems to others, take a moment to find out yourself in them. Note that we all suffer which you’re not alone.

Use your fear like a guide back to enjoy.

Sometimes your own fear reveals for you exactly what you need to recover. Occasionally your fear shows that you want to make sure you have to do it correct, that you want to really show up with your highest potential. Instead of letting that will fear take a person down, use it as a means of growing into a better version associated with yourself.

Shift your belief and turn your mistakes into miracles.

Need more support forgiving your past? Learn my book Judgment Detoxification plus forgive yourself for good!

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