Does Your House Have Asbestos? 6 Places You need to Check

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Nowadays, September 26 th , is Mesothelioma Awareness Day time and we are posting this article to help increase awareness

Asbestos is really an useful building materials. It’s fire-resistant, lightweight, relatively cheap, and strong, making it the perfect building material. Nevertheless , it has one significant problem that overshadows all its positive qualities— exposure to asbestos may cause severe health problems whenever inhaled or ingested. One of those diseases is mesothelioma pleural— a fast-acting lung cancer with a low success rate.

Because of this, the Environmental Protection Agency created laws to prevent new constructions from using asbestos within the building process. Asbestos use has reduced significantly since the eighties. However , it’s found in many older homes and buildings, which makes DIY projects more dangerous than they may appear. In honor of Mesothelioma Awareness Day, we have compiled a list of typical places asbestos can be found in your home.


Insulation is one of the most prevalent places that you may find asbestos in your home. In the past, attic insulating material was almost exclusively made of asbestos. Loose asbestos fibers had been sprinkled in the floors and walls because of the insulating and fireproofing qualities.

Vermiculite, another mineral, is also a popular insulation material and is safe to humans. Regrettably, a brand of vermiculite called Zonolite had been contaminated with asbestos and was used in millions of homes over the United States.

In addition to loose asbestos fibers, your attic could also contain asbestos materials like tapes or papers together pipes. This is considerably less dangerous, as the asbestos is unlikely to produce into the air except if it is disturbed.

Heating And Air Ventilation

Another typical area of your house that likely has asbestos is your HVAC program. Boilers and boiler pipes may have insulating material surrounding it. Furnaces and air ducts may have asbestos inside or be made with asbestos tape. Some pipes were actually made with asbestos concrete because it reinforced all of them, protecting them towards cracking or erosion.

Whilst each of these products are stable when undisturbed, they should be checked regularly during repairs, especially considering that they straight contribute to the air high quality of your home. If loose asbestos makes its way into your HVAC system, it could pollute the air and put you and your family at risk.

the way that they look. They usually come in the form of 12× 24 inch tiles with grooves or patterns pressed directly into them, and will likely have two to three nails at the bottom of each one.

In case your siding or shingles are deteriorating, you might have three options, depending on their condition. You can either have them taken out by a professional, seal them, or encase them. Don’t cut into them, remove them, or otherwise damage them, because that can create a health risk that will didn’t exist when they were stable.

Appliances Plus Consumer Products

If your home is filled with vintage appliances or various other products, be wary associated with what may consist of asbestos. Specifically, numerous appliance brands made toasters, popcorn poppers, crock pots, and dishwashers with asbestos. If your home still has one through before the 1980s, that is something to replace.

Many heat-proofing products were furthermore made with asbestos, like potholders, ironing panel covers, and ashtrays. Using these products might disturb the asbestos and release it into the air. Additional, asbestos was also used in a few antique beauty products like hairdryers plus makeup. This is why it is important to stay on best of what you’re using on your skin and hair.

How To Handle Asbestos In The Home

If you believe there’s asbestos in your house, don’t try to manage it on your own. Rather, hire a professional who will be trained to handle asbestos to remove it for you personally. The removal process, also known as asbestos cut, prioritizes health and safety and it is your best way to protect your family. Until you might have it removed, try to leave it undisturbed. Remember, disturbing asbestos releases the materials into the air, which could cause severe health risks.

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