Do You Say, “It’s Not My Job? ”

Do you ever see someone stage over a piece of paper and fail to pick it up? Perhaps these people didn’t see it, but many other people did. It’s like saying, “It’s not my problem, ” and expecting somebody else to bend down on their behalf. Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case, and it doesn’t stop there. Some people ignore those people in need, others do not do things until asked, and in the business world, customer issues go unresolved, every day, mainly because people say, “It’s not my job. ”

I can hear this now — “it’s not really my responsibility, ” “it’s none of my business, ” or “that’s their problem, not mine. ” Some people wait for people to step forward, others pass the buck or even pretend problems don’t can be found. In the meantime, things don’t have completed.

You have to ask yourself, what do they want, a written invitation?

What does it take to put your best foot forward, go out of your path for someone, or do what’s right? If everybody went the extra mile — without expecting anything in return — the cumulative impact would be huge.

It may not be your job, but it’s a job worth doing.

It is Your Job — Whether A person Admit It or Not

There are times when you may think, “It’s not my job. ” But the fact remains, it is. Here are 15 situations that provide a chance to take responsibility…or evade it. Consider what your option would be in these situations.

Proceed the extra mile. Do you do more than expected, or even do you say, “I don’t get paid to do that”?

Be considered a good friend. Do you go out of your way designed for friends, or are you too wrapped up in yourself — always thinking, “What’s in it for me”?

Fully stand up for injustice. Do you speak upward when you encounter an injustice?

Meet challenges head-on. Do you run toward problems, or would you kick the can later on?

Behave with social elegance. Do you say good morning and welcome people with a smile, or do you think, “Why should I? ” and then do your own thing?

Do your job. Do you take on jobs that aren’t part of your job description?

Act like a team player. Do you perform tasks a person don’t enjoy, or do you complain that the work can be beneath you?

Improve client experience. Do you go out of your way to deal with a customer issue, or do you weasel out of it and say, “It’s not my concern”?

Pass your values to your kids. Would you raise your children to be thoughtful and productive members of society, or are you a good absentee parent?

Invest in your individual development. Do you wait for others to coach you, or do you accept responsibility for your personal and professional development ?

Act like a good neighbors. Do you go out of your way to be helpful and considerate, or would you indulge yourself by considering it’s every man intended for himself?

Serve as a good role model. Do you guide by example , or do you say, “I’ll perform what I want”?

Support the particular needy. Do you volunteer to help these in need, or would you wait for others to step-up to the plate?

Serve as a model citizen. Do you think about the world that you’re leaving to your kids, or are you too busy living the good life to notice?

Personal your life. Do you accept responsibility for everyone aspects of your life, or would you rely on the good graces more?

You Have a Job to Do

Some individuals do the bare minimum — nothing more. It’s like they are allergic to going further. And if they’re asked to carry out more — watch out — they take offense, as if the request is totally unreasonable.

If you find something that needs doing, just do it.

(you actually shouldn’t have to be asked. )

This depends upon a simple premise. When you make the right choice, you’re not really only making the extra work for others, you’re doing it for yourself. Just as you wouldn’t leave money on the table when negotiating a deal, why can you do much less than you are capable of doing? You have but one life to live. You have the ability to leave your tag on the world. But you will not achieve greatness by doing less or being less than your best. There are simply no dress rehearsals in life. Make the most of it.

Do You Say, “ It’ h Not My Job? ”

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